Summoner discussion

So i have watched some guides for both Summoner builds/Class Engravings and cant seem to decide what i would like to play yet. Ofc i will probably need to experience it for myself, but was wondering what other players think like?
Someone who have experience with playing summoner in other region can confirm the pros and cons of each build?
Also are you switching your main to summoner?

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I haven’t played in other regions but I will be playing Overflowing (pet) build.

i have played it on RU on their relese, was been good
although i havent go trough t2 with it, cause of ping and translations issues, which would save me a loot of hasle in long run :slight_smile:
anyway if you wont find someone who plays consantly on KR or RU version it may be hard to get good opinion as it had some big changes rather recently
from what i get its top tier dps now with medium build cost on top.
A bit sad as game as a whole is to bad to try it imho

Also theres some discord links in there as well

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