Summoner false advertising legal view

Hi all,

i am not a lawyer, but if i am trying to create a new class an click on mage, the first class there i get advertised, is the Summoner with stats and abilities displayed.
Doesnt this count as false advertising? Which would be a criminal offence due to a product being advertised which in the end isnt available/usable.

I am just curious how the situation here would be viewed from a legal point of view.

And yes i know, just yet another Summoner post :smiley:

out of all false advertisements this game had/has, you picked this one to complain about?

When the founders packs were first introduced, they contained an exclusive title for every tier, and the gold and plat box contained a summoner skin, after ~2 weeks they silently removed the titles and replaced them with a generic title for all boxes, and after the beta but before the launch they silently removed the summoner skin, this happened long after the majority of the founder packs were already bought.

The gold founder pack skins got changed 1 month after the launch (2/3 of the existing skins got a random ugly cape)

I’m assuming they have something place in their ToS or somewhere that states “Information subject to change at anytime” or some variation of that. Meaning there’s probably nothing you can do… It’s like fast food commercials they’re all false advertising, the food never looks like it does in commercials but they have fine print covering them.

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Nothing criminal about anything.

Its within their rights to change anything at any time without your permission, most ToS work like that.

So theres no legal action that could be taken.

You can stop right there :slightly_smiling_face:

That is a “Preview” not an advertisement.