Summoner in Rowen utterly broken

Can you please finally ackknowledge that Summoner is utterly broken and nerf it to the ground for PvP content?

this guy literally solo carries the instance with a single lvl 10 gem and 5x3. his summons deal 200k dmg on my 1590 heavy armor character. like wtf?!

The game isn’t balanced around PVP, let alone Rowen PVP.

There is no reason why not tho. they already have seperate stats on skills and tripods for PvE/PvP.

@Roxx can you please look at this and get some feedback?

Rowen feedbacks have been overly negative in KR for how long, they didn’t do anything about it other than admit it’s a bad decision.

I assume that’s their attempt to see how far they can go to push ppl to whale

That’s no excuse to let a class be so utterly broken in Rowen/Tulubik. PvP being focus or not doesn’t matter when it is content in the game. It’s not enjoyable to get “sniped” without them seeing you, nor you seeing them, with their ridiculously long ranged large size skills hitting for over 200k damage.

Oh I agree 100%, unfortunately PVP both arena and world is just an after thought. I wish they’d have paid more attention to it since launch, I think they missed a huge opportunity with PVPers like myself that came over from RU hoping for more than what we got.

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