Summoner insane luck

So I’ve wanted to main Summoner since day 1 and while I very much enjoy my Gunlancer I think this is where my Summoner takes the first seat lol. Sad thing is after I finish gearing her and get a 5x3+1 I’ll still be gatekept for not having lv2 6 piece lmfao


Gz. Best feeling to hit something good on the main not the alts

I Play CO. So a 9/7 stone isnt that great to go for, but gz. All i wish for christmas is some decent weapon quality. Sitting at 62 after 4 rerolls which isnt at least horrible anymore.

Dang, new main

That’s actually very good for only 4 rerolls

Mean while im over 100k in pheons stones with no 7/7. I stopped cutting rocks for good after that. Ill just save 200k to swap for the accessories I need. Sucks because im only 1 node from 5x3


Ye my Wardancer needed like 70 for 68 :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel ya. I dont even want to know what i spent for my 7/7 Adrenaline-Raid Captain stone. And now i need another 14 books which go for bout 13k right now.

Ayo that sucks. I lucked 100 on my main but after 130k gold + theres still only a 7/6 stone nothing better

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