Summoner ? o new artis loli ? amazon?

I played the closed beta and I played the summoner, that’s why I bought the founder’s pack and after they removed it I felt cheated / ripped off since I wanted to play

They don’t put the summoner because if there is a bug that if censors that if shit !! lie lie lie is what AMAZON does lie

and now amazon wants to get the artist class that is a loli for being waifu what was missing already
what do you think? about the management of classes and that they sweat the dick of listening to the community or respecting the same game between censorship and disorder of classes that they sell?

That makes me doubt Amazon’s criteria when bringing a girl because, waifu, what other classes before we expect in the Russian ark are they all in order, why does the Europe always screw us?

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R u drunk?


I am disappointed because they have lied to all of us between censorship to remove one of the classes that comes from the base with the game and that they prefer to include a loli before other classes to sell skin for popularity that is why I complain because they have no damn idea managing the game are only excuses what if this what if that

maybe you’re happy about anything or you don’t care about everything but many other players DON’T!

or if you don’t expect that next month they will take out the class just for popularity

… and this reminds us of an important things, kids …

Don’t do drugs.


because like you they bring things like that that are censored and because of popularity by the crystal generation or the offended generation
remember not to fall to the ground that you break

Where did you even read they will release Artist before summoner?

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I had a stroke reading this

This was all smilegates decision, not amazon.

If my research is correct, Smilegate censored stuff without Amazon requesting it.

Please join me in reporting this inappropriate post

They did the same with Sorceress for having a game rate of 12% in beta and a summoner of 8% here I give you an image

you should be denounced for being from the generation of crystal of the offensive that everything bothers them BUEE BUEE Mom

So you are just making assumptions just because of that chart?

not that graphic was the one that removed summoner by a sorceress who came bugged on top
All because of the acceptance rate that you think that scaut or summoner or the arcanist will come out before or other classes?
the class acceptance rate is everything for costume sales and stuff if not time to time

Stop drinking.

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Whats wrong with loli, she’s cute. Go cry somewhere else snowflake