Summoner of Reaper next?


I really do want Reaper to be our next class but wow, the current state of Summoner in KR is absolutely shredding everything into micro bits of pieces. Literally broken as hell. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if we get the buffed version of Summoner next. Thoughts?

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They will probably nerf summoner within the next 3 weeks xD
Shes overtuned as heck.

Tho im fine if Reaper or Summoner are next, was planning on playing both regardless.


Yeah the nerf seems to be inevitable. Right now her burst and sustain dps is combined.

I want reaper, i have 2 slot for reaper since start.

But it looks like it’ll be Summoner, she just had a rework :confused:


I want Reaper first, still very tempted by dommy mommy Summoner
won’t matter much though since game won’t survive till clown


Reaper was my planed main since 2015. After they put reaper this far behind and the next class will prob come with brel normal a mainswap is no longer an option for me so I’m fine with both and will play both as an alt for the time beeing.

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I’ve been wanting to main summoner since the game was released in the west, so definitely summoner please.

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I’m a Reaper main since I saw her but Summoner is really hot right now.

enjoy spending tons of gold for Summoner cause she’s the most expensive class in the game.

Reaper should be next after Scouter since we still only have two assassin sub classes.

Game was out since 2018, reaper is out since 2020 bru

Wasnt even in the leak planing

i plan on making a reaper alt anyways but it’d be nice to get my main for november :')

Just fyi specialization summoner you see here is not the expansive build you know. You need optimum 3 damage gems compare to pet build which needs at least 8-9 of them.

Ironic to say Reaper will be MORE expansive than reworked summoner due to higher demands.

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Oh was it? Maybe I mixed some dates dunno but just let’s say I fell in love with reaper since first seen in Media.

Tbh I think it’s lik 4-5 years and somehow my mind is still on 2020 due to covid fucking up everything :man_shrugging:

Reaper or bust

I would think Reaper first, and once we get the balance patch that will maybe include the rework and release of Summoner. So… maybe November/December for Summoner if they follow the 2month-cycle.

Are you still expecting AGS to make sense with their class release?

doesn’t matter what comes next, most people who were hyped to play reaper and main left the game already, whoever thought to not release the only assassin class not just by name (sh,blade) but gameplay as well GOOD JOB, even i who wanted to main reaper since forever i legit gave up and looking for a new game at the moment