Summoner pet apearance

Please, do not change the appearance of the Summoner’s pets, as the other regions.

  • The old visuals look ways better;
  • No one likes the new summon skins;
  • Might cause build usage - to avoid the ugly summons on the screen;
  • Summoner will be preferred as caster, not as summoner;
  • The class will loose point to be a summoner;
  • The choices are not so much anyway, after implementing of the new summon skins, will be less.
  • Isn’t the game existing to bring joy and not anything else?

Clarification for Lost Ark Team - You can find more info and opinions here or to test it in RU:

I agree that pet behavior might be an improvement. However, for me, the visuals are big OFF.


So you are saying that because YOU don’t like the new pets appearance they should not be added? From my experience most of the people like more new appearance and we will be getting them sooner or later.

If you don’t like it, theres 14 more classes to pick up from.

Sywo already mentioned this on his podcast to Roxx so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, especially since most seem to prefer the old summons to the new ones.

Though of course it would be best if they added the new ones and allowed every player to customise them at will (essentially toggling their skin appearance), then everyone will be satisfied.


Awfully written post but I agree with the old models looking better. At least give us the option to choose if thats possible.

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I definitely prefer the new pets.

Anyway I don’t think it’s possible to keep the old ones, because the updates come from Smilegate. It’s like the prologues that were changed and the new ones came in the beta.

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Yes, you got it absolutely right - I do not like the new pet appearance. This is my opinion and I express it here.
I do not play Summoner long time already, do not worry about me.

Yes, true. I watched the podcast several days after posting here.
And you might be right here that it would be better to have actually choice options.

I might not be the best person to compile a post, I agree. : )
Thank you for supporting it anyway. Yep, better to have choice, as @Azure mentioned.

I have to say, i like the new one…
I mean sure they are cartoony, but they are way more detailed.
I guess it is a preferance thing, but as mentioned, a way to switch to the models you prefer would be nice.


It’s good that you express your opinion. Just don’t write that “no one likes new pets” because a lot of people do and prefer the new pets.

I agree you should be able to choose which appearance you want for them.

No one forces you to read the post. if you do not like it, there are a lot more discussions to read.
If you can open the reddit post, you will understand that the players, who like the old appearance are majority and I am happy about that.
Yes, I understand that you do not like it. However, how do you contribute by posting here? Only to place your own point? I understand it, however I do not care about your point, you can express it in your own post. Thank you for sharing your opinion anyway, I am sure that everyone should have one.

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It’s kinda like me opening a new topic with: remove arena because “no one likes it” - which obviously isn’t true and at the same time who am I to speak for everyone.

I hope you get my point.

And even if you would open your trusted source (Reddit - LOL btw) you would see that some people actually like new pets.


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Not sure which is old and which is new but I absolutely LOVE the RU summoner pet models over what was in the beta. The beta pets looked like something from Stranger things. The RU had cool Poison Ivy humanoid looking plants, a cool fire dog and a teddy bear.

The new pets are very nice. Sure a choice would be cool but honestly the updated models are :heart:

I hope there is a toggle to use the elemental pets instead of the anime pets, or better yet, as someone suggested, to just have pets customizable to how you want them to look.

In my opinion, I like things to look more serious. Those new pets are the exact opposite of serious for a class that wields summoned elemental pets.

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