Summoner release feedback TO AGS

I hope there is a chance that the release date of summoner is not the same as Brel but just in the same month.

Just like this month’s scouter release, a new class with a new legion raid in the same date is a bit weird. For example I think scouter should have being release in early September and not at the same time as clown raid to give people who really want to play those classes a little bit of time to prepare for the raid. Even the big Lost Ark content creators agree with that.
Even If it’s just a couple weeks before the raid, it would be better then releasing it at the same time.

I hope this feedback helps AGS and Smilegate to adjust things if needed to help the players.

PS: I’m happy it’s getting released earlier then expected, it’s just to give my feedback to ags


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that’s probably exactly the opposite reason why it was like this way

u wanna prepare for newest raid, swipe

So I am assuming artist will be out with Akkan, whenever that may be after rowen, elgacia and stuff like that

they DO NOT care about when they release summoner. it was clearly stated when they shoved reaper on November, and lied about “older” classes getting released sooner. because technically reaper is newer


I’m confused, you say you don’t have time to prep for the raid but you had months of stock piling mats for honing?

Relic gear?!?! Tripods?! stuff like that. Do you really think it’s about honing mats?

he mostly talkin about relic, acc engravings, tripod, and combat lvl 60 lol

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While it is true all of that increases the power of a character, learning to play it first and within the fight will be the biggest damage output. If people weren’t so focused on gatekeeping people because they only want overgear with ultra 6*3 engraves they’d realize you don’t need that to actually do good in a raid

People can plan and prepare for mats by swiping and what not… below is the issue

  1. No time to get to Combat lvl 60
  2. No time to get full Relic 6 piece (At least 5 weeks buying chest)
  3. No time to get full lvl 2 Relic set from Clown (5 weeks buying chest)
  4. No time for accessories to fill Market for either +3 class or +5 class items
  5. No time for farm Tripods from chaos dungeon
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u should be happy to get summoner in december and not 1 month later in january…
people never see the good stuff and cry always oof

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Indeed, they deviated from their class every 2 months just for the coomers

No one is crying, I’m just giving feedback to AGS. If it’s released at the same time as Brel it is what it is

its fomo for u guys, thats all
if they release it in januaray, people would say, ohh i cant do the raid with my future main xD

people have discussions in feedback forum

it’s not praise AGS for whatever they do and be grateful for anything forum

Adding on, I’m assuming it’s just their “business intelligence” I mean if they do that, people who are dying enough to swipe to get into newest raid will swipe so it’d be foolish not to take advantage of that, moral aside.

I agree combat lvl 60 and gears are timegated, but accessories tripods and ilvl(especially shards)?

money can fix them

k push summoner to januray = fixed
the same happened when people cried here about legy skins and ??
oh they removed it good feedback

A static can agree to take in someone who is like 4x3 cause of lack of accessories or tripods… are you really going to take someone who doesn’t have 6 piece or lvl 2 set

Dude poor summoner mains man class in the beta gets yoinked and is last class to release thats smoge af


yall don’t understand what I’m trying to say

What I want to say is that I think the decision is dumb, but it is what it is since they already “released” the roadmap

ofc this sucks, but gotta just suck it up cuz their decision makes sense in their POV