Summoner whenn?

Its time Amazon you better release summoner next !
Show some love and let them know we want summoner next !


after scouter and reaper please

after mokoko emotes > scouter > reaper > AYAYA 1 (artist) > AYAYA 2 (Aero) > brell >pause> elgacia> female zerker??? > maybe maybe summoner.

You forgot female zerker

Of course Summoner is the next. They release always subclass against any logic :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a lot of love / frustrations written in that topic, however CM’s successfully dodged all the questions there. I sadly doubt Summoner will be next class.

ppl that want summoner lost hope long time ago
i lost hope :confused:

Look at it from the bright side, you can take the time to gather even more gems and mats for her. Shes extremely expensive as a character!

yon side of never

“she’s not leading the charge on new classes.” <— this concerns me…

we just got a mage we dont need another one

who needs summoner when we can get female zerker instead :+1:

i just want my summoner mane :o( i’m still stocking up on mats and stuff from launch LMAO

Considering Summoner is the only base class missing, and they said they would release the older classes first

I wake up in the morning and I enter the forum for my daily dose of pure copium.
/insert drugged marine voice

They wont release 2 mages in a row or if they do they are idiots

When will people stop… It comes when it comes.