Sun Chaos dungeon Level 2 drops epic instead of Legendary?

Im Curious,

When i look at the “loot drop table” on the Sun lvl 2 Chaos dungeon (1385) its clearly visible that the majority of drops should be Legendary (it has been this way for every other continent so far)
with a few added epic drops here and there. (which has also been the case for the privious continents.

what should be

i feel like there is something wrong here. First picture shows what the majority of drops should be 2nd picture shows my second run today (run one was similar)

(first 2 rows)

@Roxx any way you could look into this?

Since im not the only person realising this i hope. Lets get more screens in here?!


You can drop it but most will be purple

its not guaranteed its like same with other dungeons u can get epic or legendary gear its rng

like shown in the first picture. if it states on the loot table that legendarys will drop. the majority of drops are Legendary. not The minority/none at all its like that for the other continents. Why is it different in Punika (to slow the game progression down probably)

I dont mind being slowed down. but atleast change the Loot Table Example’s so that we dont actually get frustrated.
because people will be if u show them the good stuff ur supposed to be getting and the frustration it will create when people drop a full inventory of purple stuff. 98% will be dissolved right away anyway. because guess what. You are 1385, u dont need purple crap. and 99.5% of that cant even be sold for income…


and to top it of. its like pendruple RNG.
Lets take the Broken pieces as an example.

Actually needs to dropt as legendary (first layer rng)
Actually needs a good skill (second layer rng)
actually needs a good tripod (third layer of rng)
actually needs to be level 3 to be better then your current one (fourth layer)
and the chance to actually transfer it is a gamble in itself (fith layer of rng)

im all in on lucky drops. but atleast give us a realistic chance on lucky drops.
and not a one in a million kinda thing. please^^


tldr this game has rng and you dont like it

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ur a f’in troll. get lost.

i’ve probably allready been playing asia grind mmo’s when u were still in middle school.

It’s not about RNG its about things most likely being slowed down considerably without going all the way, and doing only half the job. which will frustrate people.

if you slow down progression. atleast hide the obvious hints that you’re actually supposed to get a higher quality frequently and not as bits and pieces.

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If you would ve done own research, you would have found out why by yourself

i dont need to research anything to see through the sheme of controlled slower pacing.
it’s how they did it half heartedly… not about why they did it… u didnt read the entire threat.

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and here’s a goodie for you

It is to slow down Power creep…

Yeah, the rewards have been disappointing in Chaos Dungeons. Very very stingy and few. I only got one legendary gear piece from 2 runs. And so few mats :frowning:

You are right, I didn’t read the entire thread because I think it would be just waste of time. But I get why you are confused because of that wrong translation. It was actually “Best possible rewards” in Korea and not “Expected reward” like how they translated for us. Caused so much confusion really.

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i dont have anything against the mats. we’re getting a sh*tton of matts weekly. i pushed from 1370 all the way to 1385 and even gave spare materials to my guild mate. so that he can catch up again. mats are fine. and more then enough are aviable currently

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its a simple fix. they just need to add in the epic rewards into the “rewards window” to not confuse others. You know we’re still a minority in t3 and above 1370. if the others catch up. this will only be the first or second of posts. there will be hundreds. right now they can still safe themselves from yet another shitstorm. if they adapt it for the next patch.

i love this game. and its a shame how much hate its getting currently

What a nice guildmate you are!

whale trap imo ppl see good rewards they want to get to it fast so $$$$$ ya otherwise purple would be on there (since its what u get majority of) and leggo should be one not on there (since its lower rate)

we’re a “stream comunity” kinda. our leader is a streamer. and we’re a core of ~12 people. and if one of us falls behind. we have to get him on his feet. because where’s the fun if u cant enjoy content as a comunity :smiley:

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its just rng what you get thats from 1 run an unlucky run at that

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like i said earlier. i get that they slowed power creep do not have us blast content currently. if you think about it. its obvious.
dont make content to easy before new content is added(honestly i think the content is easy, if you put some effort into learning the game properly)

we’re going to challenge velganos with our 4 man party today. just to have a good time and a blast. while we could all most likely solo him with less effort. (but wheres the fun in that?)

im fine with a slower pace. but atleast do it right. and dont offend people by not doing it the way you should.

Hell if i worked on AGS i would’ve seen that coming from miles away… So AGS if you need someone to give you some pointers im still up for hire xD

that as a basis is a nice set of drops. honestly. cant argue against that.