Sunflowers for my love 3/3

I cant investigate the part 3/3. Noting appear.


Same here. I’ve restarted it a few times, and nothing comes up as interactable at the last location.

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Saaaaaaaame. @Seawolf

@Roxx can you please at least confirm if this is a known issue for your team?

Happening to me too. Has this been resolved?

Yes bugged. After you click on the 2/3 sunflower, a message comes up saying you found it. However if you look at the little icons next to your health bar, the missions status (purple question marks) show that you only have 1/3 stil. Not sure if this is an issue for everyone as my friend did it without issue. Might be a class bug? I am a Artillerist, but also tried on my Striker, no can do.

I’m also experiencing the same issue. Investigating the 2nd hint wont change the buff from the 1st hint to the 2nd hint.

Guys, if your 3rd flower isn’t spawning after you interact with the sunflower for the 2nd part, it is most likely because you interacted with the wrong sunflower. There are two locations for the sunflowers in Loghill. One is Northeast of the Triport (I think this is the one you want to interact with), and the other one is just across the river. If you interact with the wrong one, you’ll get a message that ends with something along the line of “time to look for another flower”.

Interacting with the correct sunflower for part 2 will yield the message of "Oh, look how vivid its color is! My wife would love it. I wish she had come with me here, that lazy hag.”


That was my “Error” lol. Its up there. And not the SE one

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Thank you i’ll give it a try!!! The confusing thing is the game tells you are correct when you search the wrong one. Encouraging you to not look elsewhere.

This was the fix - thanks!