Sup players forced to be dps, now others complain


as a result of this huge flood of sups, many sup Mains are forced to switch to a dps build.

I had a nicely Sup build for my palas/bards and the 1 Artist. Now I bought all of them a decent 5x3 build after selling my sup stuff, and now ppl complain in Guadian raids, that they have no sup matched, when I write I play dps.

You all out there forced us Sup Mains to do that. I dont see the point, why I should buy an additional build? I had a good 5x3 sup build on all chars! But getting no group with 1560 full brel Sups forced me to build dps on a class that clearly isn´t designed for doing dps…

Just a piece of rant, cause its really annoying to get insulted every guardian raid daylie twice!


not sure about you but im cruel fightering on my support in brel 1-4 against similar ilvl dps (even once a S tier class barrage arti). But for the most part cruel fightering against average dps classes

Speaks to the quality of dps players in pugs

Not sure how good dps for other support class, but DPS Pala is clearly top.

I have Pally with 2x Setups, one 5x3 DPS build and other Sup build 4x3.
So I can switch depend on situation, but I prefer being DPS over Sup.

Heyyyyyyy what did just happen with that awesome fisherman animated gif @Tychus posted???
Mods you bored or what? Lost Ark must be a flawless game by now if AGS stuff is removing harmless posts instead of trying to fix the game.

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I normally get Cruel Support as a dps player these pug lobbies are garbo.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

lowkey think they use a bot
some genuinely dont make sense or removed w/o notification

is that what people call finished dented books ? i thought it was a joke i guess we found one who managed to get it

Sounds like you let 1 week bring you to an extreme overreaction.

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can you post the build to see if i dont end up deleting my bards

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