Sup power no longer exists lol

This just happened on a lobby im joining lol cant bealive sups act like that but i think he got what he deserved, what u guys think? (btw i didnt ban him from lobby)

I would have banned him as well. If he can’t do mario except 1 or 2 then I wouldn’t trust him with other things. I’ve had a couple bad supports that jailed me, so no need to waste time with that one.

However, if you look at party finder you will see that pretty much all raids are full of lobbies that are 6/8 and looking for supports, so they still have some leverage, like for example bring a friend that would have been otherwise gatekept from that lobby. Clown is an exception, because it is so easy to jail there. Other raids you can usually carry any dead-weight, but even so I would kick a support that keeps failing.

He had it coming.

He more than likely got into another party within minutes

hate pple who use supports as leverage for anything.