Super bad pvp - so many negatives with almost no positives

You think 3 Sorcs on one PvP team is good?

I can’t think of a better way to show that you have no clue how to play PvP in Lost Ark :joy: I’d MUCH rather have the two Deathblades you think are so bad and a Paladin.

All i see in the co op battles is premade sorcs teams or artillerist. there not op in any way tho kekw :rofl:

The worst thing about PVP is the latency issue.
You get casual rubberbanding even you dodge but not registered and dodge got cd. Input lag.

Some match, no latency issue and some matches have latency issue.
I got respawned and immediately move out, still caught burn dmg because of latency bs.

Feel free to ignore this clown, he plays sorc and thinks he’s legitimately outplaying people when he puts his mouse over them and presses a button to permastun them.

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The scale doesn’t apply to lifts my dude, you can literally be lifted forever in this game, as long as you don’t touch the floor between lifts.

what do you mean by lifts?, elevator?
if lifts are “jugling” then sorry , but you cant be juggled forever, it has diminishing returns as well.