Super easy PvP balance change

If a skill does cc, it cannot have immunity to cc and vice versa, unless it’s an awakening skill.

This is not a Solution to balance PvP.
there are diffrent kinds of Immunitys which you should take into account for and the claim you are making is actually incorrect because there is no skill except for awakening skills that have lvl 3 CC immunity.

every skill that has Push Immunity (lvl 2) can still be cancelled by someone throwing a CC debuff on him like Electrocute/Freeze or just simply a Stun.

to Clarify if you did not know there are 3 kinds of Immunity:

Paralysis Immunity: protects you only from getting Hitstunned.
Push Immunity: Protects you from Hitstuns and Knockups.
All Immunity (only awakening): Protects you from any kind of CC

Learn about some of the class skills and how to utilize CC Debuffs and you will have a much better time in PvP.


If a skill has cc immunity of any kind it cannot have cc of any kind and vice versa, unless it’s an awakening skill.
Happy now?

I didn’t claim that. You made that up on your own.

You don’t even understand what I’ve said and you’ve made up this bizarre strawman.

if you “Balance” PvP like that it becomes very bland and removes a knowledge factor from PvP.
there is a Reason why stuff in competetive gaming is diffrently Balanced and some classes may have an unfair amount of Push Immunity, Diversity. if you have the same Rule of CC that you suggest on EVERY class there would be less Diversity and it becomes less intresting. this change would also make some classes that currently have a role of Disrupting enemy combos more irrelevant than others that can just dish out high damage.

as opposed to right now where no one picks abilities that offer neither cc nor cc immunity and every class runs identical “builds” because cc and cc immunity are game changers.

Everyone grabs the same skills with the same tripods making PvP extremely bland.

Have you watched pvp videos? Once you’ve seen one you’ve literally seen them all, they’re basically identical.

while this is true for some classes it certainly is not for a lot of others.
This gets specially true at higher level plays, at that point stuff that usually works on low level stop working, repeating builds and strategy’s get punished the harder b/c ppl that are good at pvp has seen it 100000 times and have countered and punished the same strategy to no end.

good example of this is artillerist and sorc, extremely good vs ppl that are not that great at pvp yet but once you get high nuf they get royaly fked by proficient players, deathblade also gets into this group and classes that are regarded as weaker start shining a lot (paladin for example feels awful unproctedted at low tiers but he is certainly one of the strongest classes ingame)

have you seen PvP in general?
People have diffrent skills and Tripods lol. just look at Deathblade some people play with the normal Juggle one shot combo and others focus more on Dashes and Push immunity to get some catches in. Literally one of the most played classes i would say and there are many people who play it diffrently. by all means it isn´t Bland right now if you dont exactly play only against Artillerist and Sorc (those actually just play the same stuff except for some special guys).

More fair for everyone just delete completely Stagger/stun from PvP.

This is the most half assessed least thought out suggestion ive ever seen.

the amount of STAGGER is just too high … stuns and immunities are all fine.

its just that certain classes have pretty much permanent stagger on EVERYTHING, esp those “multi-hit” abilities (looking at most sorc skills for example).

stuns and counters NEED to be in pvp to make it interesting and increase the skill needed but being unable to attack for 90% of your hp-bar not because of a stun but because of a stagger that can be re-applied at range after a roll is just not fun for the receiving end.