Super Express a class 1340?

I scrolled through forums and apologize if this was asked/answered, but if I use express on my 1340 character, will I get the rewards for 1302-1340 automatically or are those lost?

Have to see when the patch comes, if the express event only allows to choose character from 1302 only to your question will be no, If that’s not the case I assume any character that’s below 1370 and you can claim the rewards based on your ilvl threshold

I think so, on the previous event I used it on a T2 character and I got the bunch of T1 mats (yeah i didn’t think much lol)

Automatically? No. I think it will be just like the past Super Express. You complete the missions (Guardian Raid, Chaos, Abyss, etc.)

Yeah, I also think it will be missions like the previous one, and I could complete the tiers below my ilvl

It is odd that you use this on a minimum ilvl 1302 chracter and the wording is “reaching ilvl1302” grants reward.

My guess is you get rewards from the mentioned earlier levels but we will have to see.