Super express event on a different server

So i wanted to make a character in a new server to play with friends and make use of the event materials to make it fast. I made a character leveled up to 50 and nothing. I did up to shushire story and nothing. On the patch notes it doesnt say anything about 1 time per account or anything. Ark pass is purchasable again on the new server so why is the event not there since playing on a different server is basically the same as making a new account right? It shouldnt be intended hense i post in this bugs section. Hopefully you can somehow make it work because it feels bad if its intended and if it is, then just say it in the patch notes or something. Also it does say not started which means i should be able to get it but i suppose just getting to lvl 50 isnt enough.

Unfortunately you aren’t able to switch the event over to a different server :frowning: apologies for the inconvenience!!

Im not looking to switch. I would assume i would be able to claim it there as well since it doesnt say otherwise anywhere.

Is there any reason why the event cannot be started on a different server in the same region?

Having the same problem here. I guess it is not ‘designed’ to be able to select more than one, even if it’s on different servers. Wish we could’ve used it on different servers, or at least they should’ve given a reminder that it is one time only across all the region.

Same here. Just leveled a Character on the Server where all my friends play…

I used it on my “main” Server to boost up an alt to t3 and now i can’t activate the express mission on the server where i leveled a new character although it says i havent claimed it and current progress shows 0%.

@Roxx : I would like to know if there is any plan to give out another of these missions for people who did the same thing as i did or at least make a disclamer when the next event comes that u can use it only once per ACCOUNT… because there was not a single notification/alert/other stuff that u can only use it once per Account…

This. I didn’t think that the event would be limited by account. I also made a character on a server to actually be able to play with friends and was shocked and pretty annoyed that apparently the Super Express is once per account.

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Update about 1 month later, just create another steam account and you’re Gucci 5head. I did it and I have two T3 already (by playing f2p) in a separate steam account, thanks to the huge boost of express event + ark pass.

What did you do play the account or are the mats not bound and you mailed them to your self

Its really annoying … i made the same mistake and realized it after I reached level 50… Its such a waste of time i wished there were some information ingame.

And @hamuluk ofc you can make a 2nd steam account but as @Roxx and other CMs clarified many times it isnt allowed to use more than one account so you could get banned for this…

Would be great for the next express event to get the information before ppl like me wasting time.

Really? Why it isn’t allowed though? You can create as many steam accounts as you want (I mean steam allows it), and I thought as long as you play one account at a time it should not be an issue. Some LOA streamers on Twitch do that openly too so IDK… According to the ToS of the game, I’d say they put it there just in case but I have never seen a game company that bans a player who plays two different accounts, as long as the player plays one account at a time.

As far as i know they only said it isn’t allowed and never explained why.

I can only guess they dont allow it because you can bypass the limits (like only 2 Vern Passes, 1 Feiton Pass, the Super Express Event or the gold limit for 6 chars)

But i actually never heard of anyone got banned for this so i dont know.

since u can play EVERY content without being on same server, its not needed.

Well, if you think about it, having more than one account is not really a fair way to play. Players can farm recourses and then send them all to one account causing them to have more resources than they would with one account.