Super Express Guardian Raids

Are there any plans on fixing the guardian raid requirements so we don’t have to waste our daily harvests to get the super express rewards? I got my glaivier through t2 in 1 day with the express pass, so I have 16 more guardian raids lower than t3 to do if I want to complete the express pass. That’s 8 days of missing out on t3 guardian rewards. Why would you make us do this? The only options here for how this should work is making it T x or higher soul harvests, or making it so you don’t need to harvest a soul for it to count. As is, it’s pretty ridiculous.

Is anyone else in a similar boat?

Idk, I have already did all of the express and forgot about it.
Truth be told, by missing 8 days of guardians you miss like 1k guardian stones and 500 destruction stones plus like 70 leapstones. Not nothing, but still not that much.
Edit: 1340 count from alt guardians.
Just do them at this point tbh.

Just the greater honor leapstones sell for 150 rn. Average that at 7 per day and you’re missing out on 8400 gold. Absolutely not worth it

I am doing fox on one alt, it’s 6 gleaps and they are 113g on NA East. Yeah, you loose some gold, but whatever, gold is easy enough to farm. Or you can just skip the express to not get those couple books.

Just choose your poison, it doesn’t have to be optimized 100% for game to be enjoyable.

You get 6-8 per day. 3 or 4 per yoho. The issue is this seems like it’s unintentional as it’s set to clear the current or higher for the chaos dungeons. It makes no sense to force a character to waste their harvests on lower tier content. It’s been mentioned on the forum before that this was fixed on a previous event in a different country. It’s a bad mechanic and should be fixed.

I totally understand your frustration, but it has been raised so many times already that at this point it’s either a P2/P3 on SGs plate, that might get to us in a random weekly fix, or we won’t get it period.

Either do it once and forget so you can have your pass completed, or run guardians for profit and if they add a fix it’s a plus.

There has been a dozen posts by this point, so no need for another one.

I’ve seen only one other post about this like a month ago. Do you know if smilegate or a community manager has posted a reply? I’ve been patient waiting for a fix, cuz I’m not in a rush to get it done, but I’m seeing no visibility of this issue on the forums or reddit.