Super Express Mission - Answer from support

Hello guys,

I start by saying that this might not be a final answer as I heard others say that the team is working on something for this, however, here is the reply I got from support:

I really hope there is something that can be done about this as I hate that I have accepted the event on my main and now I cannot get all the juicy mats on my alt…

Let’s wait for the devs to fix this and for Roxx and the CMs to update us once they have an answer. Let’s just hope it’s soon.

Fingers crossed!


They have already spoken about this and said they are looking into methods to resolve this and for people affected to stay tuned for more info.

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What did you think the express event was for though?
Like what was your initial thought process as you chose a T3 char to do express event?


Upcoming fix: Increase font size, bold it and make it red font with danger signs before and after the parragraph that tells you to use it on a sub 1000gs character and states that you will be doing t1 and t2 content.

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We are working on this and should have an update to share very soon! In the meantime, I suggest just hanging out and not claiming any rewards from the event if it’s not on a character you want it on


To be honest I have accepted it as I thought it’s giving mats depending on the Tier of the character. Apparently I was wrong. If you remember, before accepting it, it doesn’t show it’s content… Half of my guild and most of my friends are in the same situation so either we are all stupid or this was not that well designed…


Thank you Roxx! After I accepted it on my main and I took the rewards and saw that they are bound I threw them all out as I had no space for useless mats. I really hope there will be a way to revert the event and allow us to accept it on a different character.

Thank you for being so fast in your reply and thank you for everything that you are doing here. I appreciate you! :slight_smile:

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Im not disagreeing that the lack of transparency of in game, I get it. I am just trying to see what people thought the express event was on their own accord. For future reference, express events are generally for alts or new characters to boost them into a good medium to where they can work to reach relevant content. Express event saves players about 2-3 weeks it would take to get to T3 essentially, and also providing a nice reward at the end for your character and roster.

It incetivizes players to make alts to use the roster based system the game has, or to help new players get into the game quicker.

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Yea, I am guessing you know this from another server, but for those that did not play on other servers, how could we know?

Guess what, now I know :))

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The problem with them “fixing” these users mistakes, is that they will think all future mistakes similar to this one will also be “fixed”.

If they can, they will open the claim to all characters. But they should make an announcement and stop it first so that more people don’t become victims. These people are not thoughtful.

If people become victims of this, you are still responsible.

If they do this, please share to them to just unbound them all from the events because there are alot of people that would get upset if they claimed it and doesn’t get that “refund”


Not a problem at all. When the devs make a mistake, they are obligated to fix it. Very simple concept.


I wonder if there’s any potential for making the guardian missions flagged the same as the chaos dungeon missions.

“X level guardian or greater” because it really doesn’t feel good having to stove a level 1 guardians head in for 3 days straight when I could be killing lava dog.

Hopefully the fix applies to people that claimed rewards as well, because I apparently claimed the 302 armor chest on my 1300 main lol. I’ll just make sure not to claim anymore. Thanks for the update Roxx


Yeah ME2…
a least fix so i dont have to run f*ing low Guardians for the Mission 4 Chest^^

Woahh kid, your comment is so smart, show it to your friends during break time.

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i do have to mention an alt can be in t2 already and still makes it so the t1 mats are wasted. Plus with the honing buff which wasnt mentioned in the patch you are likely going to pass the tier without using all the mats rendering the rest of them useless.
So please dont be toxic cause you read patch notes and realize that fixing it is beneficial to everyone. The more people in t3 the more mat available for everyone to use which progress the community as a whole.

Okay if you want to play the game like this.
Please, I made a mistake and spend gold and materials on my 1405 weapon and it failed. I didn’t know that it would fail, so please give me back my materials and gold that I want to use on something else :wink: