[Super express mission] HELP!

I accidentally acquired the express event in my main char. And now I can’t change. Is there a way to do this?


I also accidentally used it on my Main…

Just read the text sparely, so it would be cool to revert this or move it to another character if possible?

Maybe we can contact support somehow?

ditto - this has affected 1000’s of players. I hope they remedy this quickly.

Ye, post on this threat too and give it a like so it can gain more attraction towards other players and maybe the devs!

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Please is there any chance to change character for super express mission rewards?
I have not read the patch notes, my bad, true, but I thought that the chests could be put in the roster storage like the rewards of other events (fever time for example) and therefore could also be used on alts. Pls ç_ç

Not right now from what I read but you can post your issue also on here:

I can also link you another thread but from what I saw this one is the biggest

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