Super Express Mission - Roxx, can you ask the devs?

Hey Roxx and CM team,

For the people that started the event on a T3 character and claimed the rewards as there was no information saying “DO NOT CLAIM THE REWARDS UNTIL THE FIX!”, can we get them reset so that we can claim them on the alt that can use them?

I claimed the mats and everything available as I wanted to get to the bonus reward from the top right and then I noticed that they are character bound for no reason.

We are a lot in this situation and most of us really need those mats…

It’s not getting them twice as the ones that are bound on the T3 character are equal to 0.


If you havent seen this yet.

To be blunt, don’t expect a satisfactory resolution to your situation. It’s far too exploitable by unscrupulous people. Those bad actors are the reason they can’t just acquiesce to all situations like this with free compensation.

It was mishandled with bad design from the start by the powers that be, but remember they work hard on a game they are passionate about, and humans all make mistakes. Including those who don’t read and understand a thing thoroughly before eagerly clicking buttons.

The game teaches patience, but some cannot learn, or don’t see the value is such a thing.