Super Express Mission used on Main

Used it on my main, its unfortunate because I didn’t see anywhere in the selection process what the rewards were and I don’t generally read patch notes.

I don’t think you should even be able to select a character if their ilevel is above 1100 because its essentially like throwing the event rewards into the garbage can

IGN: Zweis
Server: US East - Una

help me~!!!
Character: Heatonzz
Server: US West - shandi

You still get:
1k gold
1m silver,
20 legendary-rare,
10 legendary-epic,
3 legendary cards,
1 legendary card selection,
3 legendary rapport selection,
20 epic class engraving books,
20 epic non-class engraving books,
30 creation fragment,
10k raid seal,
10k victory seal,
10k adventurer seal,
50 honor leapstones
500 destro crystals
1500 guardian crystals

So it’s not a total waste, especially if someone doesn’t have an alt they want to play.