[Super Express] Thank you

Are they working on something? Is it hopeful?
Did they say it’s too difficult to fix?
Is the warning all we get in game 12 hours later?

Can we get any real information 51 hours later? We didn’t mess anything up. This was poor localization and testing.

I’ve literally been translating German and Spanish replies to get anything.



I was also baited by the reward chest in game …
Region: SA
Server: Kazeros
Character: Aquaqueen
let us re-take the event …



+4 trying to get some information as well

Indeed! Information would be great on a fix but it would have been even better IN GAME BEFORE TAKING THE ^&*^&^% QUEST!!!

The banner they posted is totally worthless too, because not a single human being is going to log in, see three windows offering them free stuff, and then think “WAIT - I should check for a banner announcement under my chat window before claiming all my freebies!”

They need to just restart this event and allow people to keep what they’ve already claimed. The longer they wait, the harder it’s going to be for them to resolve this amicably.


hmmm as players need to take some responsibilities, maybe just let them switch the characters; but not reset the rewards.


Sure. Either way, it needs to be made transferable to fix the core problem here.

I wish people reporting this would stop saying they made a “mistake”.
I didn’t make any mistakes.
I had a moment of free time, logged in, clicked on Event Information, and read it through.
Then made the same logical conclusion as everyone else based on the advertised rewards.


Region SA, server Kazeros

Uninstalled the game and won’t bother coming back if the devs don’t fix their fuck up. The solutions are simple, they’re simply not willing to do it. I’m just gonna sit here and watch the game have a slow death.


I dont get the extreme reactions of uninstall, won’t come back. This is just the first of many express character events… if everything follows according to KR/RU, then there will be one every new class release; if i remember right.


I’d really appreciate some sort of reaction from officials aswell.

On a side note: Why is anything in the game that is untradable character bound to begin with? Why not make everything that you can’t trade on the market / auction house roster bound. I really don’t see a reason as to why I shouldn’t be able to put my T1 / T2 mats into my roster storage but instead am forced to just throw them away on my T3 main. Same for other currencies, boxes, engravings, etc. The only reason I can come up with if I’m really stretching my imagination is that they are trying to create scarcity to make you farm up more mats on your alts, but even that seems nonsensical in a game that is for the most part centered around roster progression and is not only alt friendly, but to an extent even requires you to play alts. Baffles me.



I don’t like how people compare this to the boss rush situation since they intentionally mislead people with the preview picture and did not include anywhere on the preview page that it was intended for below lvl 1100 characters, or show the other rewards. It just doesn’t make sense why they can’t just make the items roster bound (still untradable to market), why are they being so stingy?


There is no other way to demonstrate unsatisfaction with their incompetence. Once the number of players crumbles and their pockets take the hit they will wish they simply rolled back the servers, restarted the events and gave generous compensations. It’s almost like they didn’t learn anything with New World.


that’s what i get (in french use google trad guys) when i submit a ticket then wait and see and let’s not overload their customer service

Je suis Samia du service AGS d’amazon.fr.

Merci d’avoir pris le temps de nous contacter, je m’excuse pour tout inconvénient que cette situation de choisir le mauvais personnage pour la mission express a pu vous causer.

Je tiens à ce que vous sachiez que nous avons signalé cela à notre équipe technique et qu’elle étudie actuellement la situation.

De telles situations sont rares et notre objectif est de vous aider à résoudre les problèmes que vous rencontrez le plus rapidement possible.

Dès qu’il y’aura un update des développeurs ça sera poster sur cette partie du Forum :


They feel as if they were scammed, which is completely reasonable based on how the event was represented in game. I had logged in to buy the battlepass, but that got put on hold as I am now* waiting to see what their resolution will be for this situation.

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I feel even more scammed because I bought the ark pass super premium moments before realizing my mistake with the event. Any benefits the ark pass gave me are negated by this free event.

I understand the feeling of being mislead, but trying to hurt people seems rather extreme. It feels personal, seems a bit extreme.

I can definitely understand the need to express anger towards the situation, but want to hurt people that’s not it.

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i have the same problem. i tried to talk to amazon about this they said the devs hasnt said anything yet. I think they are working on it and we just need to wait. Getting angry wont solve anything