Support Agency. Need a manager?

Any 1460 supports there who are looking for an agent/manager just post your screenshot here and I will look for a static for you in na west. I will only get 20 percent commision fee for their payment.

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They be pimpin

Bro dont do that, let them get harrassed in party finder when the group finds out they want 2.5k per dps :slight_smile:

Lol who pays .today on support people today play with guild

So here is the payment for supports. 5k gold up front. each shield cast is 100 gold. each heal casts is 300 gold. each damage buff cast is 200 gold. If you want us to throw bombs you need to pay us 50 gold each for that. Oh also we get the loot box at the end

Please remember to ban and enter in a memo to never unban said supports who beg for money to do their job.

Do you guys have a casting couch? Sus

Oh yeah our motto for this agency is

“Your time is our Gold”

so it depends to you what you value more