Support and Clown - Gear Requirements

Hi ho folks!

We are one week away and i would like to discuss supports.

I mostly play supports. 5/6 are supports on my roster, all at 1475-1480 just waiting to start farming clown.
What my gems should be at? Is 7 really neccessery or i can go without? How will pugs look at me when they will want to invite me to groups?
4x3 is good enough with half legendary half relic gear or should i push 4x3 full relic gear for more vitality?
Tripods? All should be minimum 3?
Relic set quality at blue level at least?
Share your thoughts and suggestions my lovelies.

Thank you in advance!

The requirements is “More than 4x3” if we want to be correct.

It can be tripods, as you are support, you can’t up many tripods, so you have to focus on other points.
It can be gems, 7 is really good.
It can be gear, 1490 is good to do it easily

You should have all relics access, even if 4x3.

The gap between Legendary > Relics access is the same as the gap Argos gear > Relic set

Yes !

But well, that’s something for you to decide, i mean, we can say what we want all day, in the end, support with 3x3 legendary access can be taken in group.
Best way to do thing is to be in a static, or to search in some community discord so you don’t search in game ^^

I don’t play any support, but i’ve heard that hp play a big role, so it could be good, but tbh, it’s too expensive, so don’t do that.

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The requirements is 5x3 and LV7 Gem’s (4x3 will have a hard time finding a party)

As support you should have too, some Lv 3 Tripods atleast for the important skills.
1490+ is easy going on Kakul so you’ll be fine.

If you’re a spec supporter, focusing on a quality above 70+ on the accs

Don’t go el cheapo.
I even invested a ton of love into my alts so all are 5x3 + LV 7 Gem’s.

bare minimum to not look el cheapo is 4x3 legendary with lv7 gem on main. i for one, will have 1 main support 1495 lv7 gem 5x3 week 1 and an additional 1475 legendary 4x3 with a mix between lv5-6 support alt doing kouku week 2 but it all depends.

HP is good as it allows your care to be a slightly better and more cooldowns help you rotate your skills faster but also it doesn’t matter that much. i went up 17khp going from legendary to relic on my main but my rock accounts for 11k of this difference, which basically means my desparate salvation will heal for like 4.7k more total hp, which does feel nice in a raid with hard hitting burn damage but you should also realize gate 2 is similar to valtan where you can fall and die and gate 3 also has instant kills.

as for tripods, if you don’t have faith lv5 or melody increase lv5 you are probably trolling but the difference between 4 and 5 is not too noticeable.

I have x2 supports fully reliced up and 5x3. But its hard to push my other 4 to the same level so they remained 4x3 with mixed relic/legendary acc.
The guy above said fully reliced is a must.

as there will be a higher demand for support due to that there wont be that many at 1475+ as dps, you will be also taken with 3x3 i guess.

im playing 6x bard and my main is already 1505 where i raid in static, my alts are 4x3 with relic gear and lvl 5 gems / lvl 3 tripods- though i’ll switch my lvl7 gems from my main when doing kakul

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not really a must accessories do not help you contribute towards defense gate and as support you gain about 1000 atk power going from legendary to relic. this means your buff gives an additional 150 atk power which is less than a single percent of the atk power of your average dps (estimating 26000 atk power for 0.58% more buff).

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But relic acc do give you more vitality.

yes like i said the vitality increase from relic was only around 6.5khp, which would only increase a bard healing by 2k from the 2 ticks of 1 bar and the 24% of desperate salvation.

With the support shortage minimum is 3x3 full legendary with correct stats


honestly? the average 3x3 with cd gems and min ilv is just all you need. however in reallity, just like any other raid in this game the min require for a support to join a group is to have pulse



for support you can do what you want… 3x3 would be good (class, awakening and the last one can be heavy armor for bard, or expert for pala), however xD

at least level 9 gems

6x3 minimum

all of them maxed

all gear purple quality

Considering the huge lack of supports at our current end game, you will be acepted even with 3x3 full legendary accesories.

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el cheapo’s are everywhere

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Consider learning clown on 2 of those supports, then selling support services for the remaining characters, support shortage is going to hit hard and you can maximize your gold by selling yourself in party finder. DM me for the discord details if you’re interested!

The requirements are learn the fight well enough so that you know the boss patterns and can recognize phase changes and threat windows.

Beyond that everything else is just added on top to make the fight easier.


Exactly this.

You DO NOT need 5x3 as a support whatsoever. It CAN bring that little extra to the table though.

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I think if you are a support main by this time you should have at least lvl 7 cd gems, ful level 3 tripods and full relic accessories with blue quality armor pieces. Engravings 4x3 or 4x3 + 1 should be fine. If you have less than that you are trolling.