Support Boss Rush / Cube Queue

I feel like boss rush / cube queue is bugged for supps - often times, I keep seeing my matched players are 3/4 → 1/4 → 3/4 → 1/4, which is causing me to queue for 1 boss rush ~3mins. Then, if I get lucky, I get matched up with DPS, but most of the times, all sups would get queued up together and situations like below would happen and I barely get any time rewards:

When I’m on DPS, I almost get insta queued. I understand that introduction of artist made supp population goes high, but seeing system “leaving me out” by unmatching sups from already queued up group makes me think that there’s any bug.

For past couple weeks, as a sup, it’s really painful to run boss rush and cube… Could we get something done on this? Understand that system is trying to form 1 sup + 3 DPS group, but I can’t believe that I need to spend ~10mins just for queueing if I want to get weeklies done.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll get this over to the team.

I have 6dd and 2sup are arround 1500

This week i was in cube:
5x on dd and we are 4x dd in
1x on sup and we are 2x sup in

I have no idea how the MM is setup but i get multiple supports when I que on support, and NO supports when I log on my DPS. Que times is a crap shoot on either. I’ve had to wait on both or had insta que.