Support class ratio should be 1:4, not 1:8

It seems like the shortage of supports is by design. The ratio of support to non-support classes for NA/EU is currently 1:8 (2 of the 16 total).

While not absolutely necessary, most endgame content seems to be designed around every party having a support to heal, shield and buff. Since this is the expectation, we would want support class choices to be closer to 1:4 rather than 1:8.

Obviously some classes are chosen and played more than others but the large selection of classes relative to the small selection of supports inherently creates a situation where there are not enough supports. In theory we should have had 2-3 more support class choices than we currently have in order to have healthy ratio of support classes.


There are only so many variations of supporting you can have. Bard and Paladin perfectly encapsulates everything you’d need from a support, which is why Artist couldn’t find a role until the recent balance patch which gave her a lot more healing, so now Artist’s main strength is in healing.

Bard and paladin have everything you’d want in a support in terms of skills.

What did they do to artist?

Pls tell me they got rid off the bubbles and portals and gave the class actually usefull spells :pray:

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She does insane heals off of 1 bubble now and it’s automatic too if you dont consume it for a while

I still have to interrupt my dps and go grab the bubble… Great… Something to portals? Or they just over commited to a healing that creates a problem?

well you don’t have to. it heals on its own now if noone gets it for a while.

Support makes the game way too easy whereas not having one makes it hard enough to cause all casuals to die.

It happens whenever i join a pub argos. People don’t know how to dodge all the skills and just die unless they got a support to babysit then through all their mistakes.

Doesnt matter how many support options there is, people simply dont like supporting.
There will always be lack of supports because its simply boring to play.


That’s why i say artist marbles are a problem. Some of the guys still struggle to deal with small pizza… Some even with the giant pizza… x.x

And you want them to collect marbles while dodging argos? And since argos is easy compared with next content you still want to add another layer of mechs for them?

We are talking about the community where half of the ppl got wrong a simple selection pass


I’m pretty sure the patch for Artist is that the moment she places down a marble it heals everyone. Then it heals more for whoever needs it and picks it up.

Her TP door also now gives 30% shield to whoever takes it.

Link to the patch notes here:

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Also AGS kinda did nothing to promote the Express Event unlike KR did so many NA/EU players, including my friends who don’t watch Saintone, Zeals, Stoopz, Ohbenji, or any KR streamers to know what the event is and claimed it on their mains.

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whoever touches the bead causes it to explode and heal everyone or it detonates by itself if left alone

I understand the need for more supports. But people are gonna play the classes they wanna play. Just shows that people don’t really like playing supports.

The patch notes changed it. It now immediately heals everyone 7/11/15% Artist HP and heals more for whoever presses G on it, which is a pretty fast action that doesn’t require you to stop.

That is her class engraving

Which I assume everyone will use? Kinda throwing if you play support and don’t use the support engraving.

I also really do not like people that just say “support boring gameplay therefore no one likes it”

Then leave it for the assload of players that do and keep aping while we keep you alive.

fucking thankless dps lol


Naturally. Unless in dps build

While I agree Artist DPS is funny, here I’m talking about Support Artist as the topic suggest.

I see a lot of supports in matchmaking. Seems like many just dont use the lfg. I often matchmake into Oreha and get a 3 support party. I more often than not also get a support in my matchmake guardians