Support Discussion for Vykas HM Clear

Even with a support on each team, people were having issues with pots in our Gate 1 to 3 clear. An at ilvl player running grudge will take 60-80% from some of the harder hitting normal combos. There is definitely going to be an issue with pugging at ilvl for Vykas HM.

Good luck with your Vykas clears! I don’t think a chadlancer can replace support for this legion raid

G1 and G2 spam attacks and do a lot of dmg, however main difficultly in G3 is teamplay, to do all mechs. With heavy armor destroyer i was chilling on G1 and G2, but saw how people health bars went down each vykas attack, and dmg is huge for sure.

G3 difficulty is teamplay yes but many mechanic are difficult for fresh pug group to dodge together needing support shield to cheese.

I am thinking for example: failed typing mechanic, stack aerial attack - in/out → opposite, then out in. Grab mechanic, bleed from chains, damage from people charmed.

Those source of damage burn much potion and will be common in pug but support shielding/healing help prevent much of it

Bold of you to assume people can get 2 supports to join the raid. I was sitting in party finding 4h yesterday + spamming area chat. The only support who messaged me/ joined = “how much do you pay?”

interesting though:
as a DPS, don’t go blindly for Grudge + Cursed doll… and maybe even consider a defensive engraving?

everybody is just playing glass canon builds, like every class always…

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Wait. Content where you have to try longer than 1 Day to clear. Sounds like good content, where is the issue again?

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the point is that this content is much more difficult than Valtan without support. Our group found it easier since I am 1 of the support mains, which makes other supports tend to join

You dont need a support for vykas hm.

Its a player skill issue.

The damage isnt that bad and its mostly just mechs.

Besides, players are flaming support players so much they’re going to quit. So just get used to running without your crutch.


Was wondering if I was becoming excessively paranoid, thought it was just me that felt like supports were slowly being disliked more and more despite them making things easier and faster to do.

I don’t want to sound like an elitist, but this is the first where I feel like my 1700 swiftness Paladin is paying off.

Permanent attack power buff, shield every 15 seconds and ult every 75 seconds. DPS in my party could focus on just doing the damage.

The fight is designed in a way that you simply need a support unless you’re giga-overgeared.
There are literally mechs that happen only if you’re not DPSing enough. And the most important thing for DPS in this game is uptime. Sure, you can dodge everything if you’re paying close attention, but they your DPS suffers…a lot.

Also, if you’re on item level or close to it, 3+1 provides way more damage than 4 DPS.

Had the exact same feeling on HM vykas. DPS kinda needed shields to be able to comfortably keep uptime without beign scared they’ll die to a combo, etc

Nope, getting flamed in game, on reddit, on this very forum.

No more pugs. I’ll run with my homies, maybe guildies and thats it. I’m a scrapper main now. We can all play dps.

I think with the difficulty of the Abyss Dungeon Hard Modes and Argos that people found that running Grudge + Cursed Doll was fine. Personally as a Bard main I can tell whether a person is running Grudge + Cursed Doll and I always thought that they’d need a support to keep them up. Now I’ve got a DPS character running Argos I find runs without support and the Grudge + Cursed Doll players almost always hit the dirt first. Especially the Mayhem Berserkers running these since the healing change.

Now we have Legion Raids and Commanders who are pushing out some bigger damage numbers the players who thought Grudge and Cursed Doll was fine are really having to learn those mechanics (you know, the thing which was advised to do before stacking these engravings). Maybe with time and practice they’ll be fine, but maybe they’ll end up being less mandatory than it seems at present. My post 1370 DPS character is not running Cursed Doll or Grudge. Although I could I’m always reminded of the mantra “dead DPS does no DPS” and use engravings that provide ‘almost’ as much attack power as Cursed Doll and forego the potentials of Grudge induced MVP screens in place for staying alive and playing the game.

Perhaps more people will steer away from the Grudge + Cursed Doll builds when going into relic gear, or maybe they’ll take a defensive as the 5th? I can’t see the people presently running them change to other legendary level accessories.

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