Support Entitlement

You’re cherry-picking about what I said - between paying a 1490 DPS versus a 1490 support, which one do you think will have a higher chance to clear a raid? it is certainly a good 1490 DPS. As I have stated, if the last person to die is between a DPS versus a support - with the last survivor being a DPS you still have a chance to clear, but a support? that’s most likely a hard no.

Yes because support and DPS have different jobs. That’s why support don’t sell Bus services

It’s the same with a support - to pass a raid a single support needed 6 DPS. So I don’t see your entire argument here. DPS need Support to have an easier time? yes. Support need good DPS to have easier time as well? yes. Do you see DPS creating Union asking for gold if we can agree that both need to do their job?

That union is pure bullcrap and most support hates it too, but calling all support greedy because of that one retarded thread is at the same level.

This is simply the perception of ego and entitled support. There’s no guarantee you will use less pot. It is all depend on the player themselves. You seriously think you can save pot if your raid member constantly eating hit after hit?

Actually yes, if you are not saving on potions when you have support in the party there is something very wrong with the support. Unless DPS is trolling hard with getting hit an average support will reduce potion usage.

You do realize comparing a DPS selling carries when they do 99% of boss HP versus a support asking gold to do their job is very stupid right?

Support and DPS have different function. That’s why support service isn’t called support “Bus” service. Party pay support for different reason then DPS Bus service.

As for supply and demand and all other stuff - is it the fault of players that there are more DPS when the game designed to only have 2 support classes?

Due to lack of support class in Lost Akr, Paladin was added. Still had support problem so they added artist. Artist didn’t fix support issue. Support issue is because of players, if the game had 6 support classes with 2 dps there would still be more DPS than support.

Is it their fault your class stuff is more expensive ? No it is entirely your class greed that caused the entire of your own market to have a higher price and when other classes obtaining your accessories

What people don’t realize is most expensive support accessories are expert/heavy armor/awakening which is a drop that EVERYONE gets. Beside if we are talking about greed and expensive gear most expensive ones are DPS gears, that would make DPS greedier than support wouldn’t it?

Only reason we have a support shortage is because people don’t play supports in their rosters and then whine about support shortage.

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should i feel entitled? damn straight, why? cause i didn’t want to play support but i knew there would be a shortage and my guild thanks me since i have 4 bards LOL