Support for non-QWERTY layouts

I don’t know if this is on any internal road maps or not but just wanted to bring attention to it just in case.

Normally I would have to painstakingly go through each keybind and remap them to the values of my specific keyboard layout but that is the life I chose and I am okay with having to do that.

But in Lost Ark…there are key bindings that are not changeable.
Interact 1 - ‘G’
Interact 2 - ‘H’

And this prevents me from fully remapping everything which is annoying, but I suppose it isn’t as annoying as having to switch layouts every time I go in and out of chatting (or having to type anything).

Other games I have played automatically update your in game keybindings with whatever value is typed from a key in a specific position on the keyboard to preserve the original intended layout of hotkeys.

Another thing I have seen in games is the chat window is somehow treated or seen differently by Windows and so the chat window was able to have a different layout vs the layout while in game so going in and out of typing was seamless.

I hope to see some love soon for non-QWERTY users. Thanks.

So I happen to build keyboards and know a thing or two about this. A lot of the aftermarket keyboards (the cheaper versions being DROP centric to get into) have support through a program called VIA. Considering I travel to and from Germany very often, I’ve noticed that this causes problems.

You can use VIA in order to customize your keyboard and hotkey settings for the game. It even has layers, it’s free, and absolutely brilliant. There’s a huge community behind the movement.

Now I understand this is a blanket solution because ultimately in-game should have presets to accommodate, but I promise if you’ve got a DROP keyboard or a third party keyboard or custom built keyboard, this will make the game a million times more tolerable.