Support from Amazon?

I have both a ban message (but no VAC ban on steam) and a 10010 error. I can’t access my account.

Live customer support cannot even tell me if I am banned or not, and ban appeals just send the same copy-paste message (and now have not responded for 24+ hours).

dont worry ur not alone with this a write a ticket about it but never got answer :smiley: so… iam just waitung and my aura is probably gone now :smiley: atleast i hope i cant get done the Ark Pass in time :smiley:

Hey @bxvi

I see. Well we need to find out if it’s a bug we have to work on, would you provide character name, region, server?

Sorry about that @Calaine.

Waiting for your response.
Cheers !


Character: Panaya
Region: NA West
Server: Bergstrom

Hi there. Similar to everyone else on this thread, I can’t log into the game due to the server authentication failed error as well. I’ve never used a VPN to play the game, and I live in the United Kingdom. I’ve also spent over an hour troubleshooting the issue with my Amazon Game Services support. This includes flushing my DNS, verifying the integrity of my game files, disabling IPv6, etc. I’ve even tested the game on a separate mobile hotspot to make sure this issue wasn’t limited to my building’s wifi. But the issue still occurs.

Anyway, the support agent helped me submit a ticket, and it’s been close to four days now since I’ve been able to log into the game. I know for a fact this issue was caused by the maintenance patch introduce on May 3rd, because I was able to log in and play the game just fine the day prior. Given how many others I’ve seen affected by the same issue on both the Lost Ark forums and on the subreddit, I am convinced this issue is on Amazon’s side.

My question is, what recourse do players affected by this issue have? Will we receive compensation for days lost on mats, daily login events, etc.? I’ve personally spent over 500 hours on the game. I’m a founder. I’ve also had crystalline aura active ever since release, made multiple purchases in the shop, and recently bought the battle pass. Now I can’t access the services of the game that I paid for. The money is one thing, but what about the time spent in the game?

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@DevonK, sorry for another wall of text (please read). If you don’t have news today, I have some on my end :upside_down_face:

Looks like this (WARP) tool solves 10010 error for me, and it should work at least as a temporary workaround. I still have to confirm if I have playable latency, but I don’t see 10010 and the ban appeal message when WARP is turned on.

Can you PLEASE confirm if using the solution is ok to use?

Now for the tricky part → there are HUGE contradictions, here on the forums, in what the CMs are saying about it, this is why I initially paid no attention to this solution at all. :crazy_face:


Google translated CM reply - DO NOT USE WARP - changes your location.

CM reply - USE WARP:

This is from the @Phreakey post about WARP,
intially CM says USE WARP it is not VPN, but is then says this info NEEDS VERIFICATION, no answer yet.

CM reply - USE WARP:

Can you PLEASE confirm for where this thing stands with the ToS, because it essentially reroutes my traffic through Cloudflare’s servers, and in the software’s description itself, it says that it is kind of a VPN, and as @Phreakey has mentioned before this is a contradiction with the message we’ve been getting up to this point.

Let me know in case you require any additional info or screenshots or something else?

Also, another topic → due to all of the above, I see light at the end of the tunnel (and hopefully it is not from the approaching train :train:) and there is another thing I would like to bring up.
I have 9 full days of missed progression today since the 28th today. 7 days since my first webchat support interaction, 6 days since my first post here, all of that should be easily tracable.


  • Dailes, Weeklies, Rapport, Login rewards, Unas, Daily Bosses, Daily Islands, Chaos Gates
  • All the weekly content runs on Abyssals + Argos up to T2 for 1 week and approaching a second one & ghost ship rewards.
  • Any chances for further horizontal progression, collecting skill points and cards
  • Ark Pass progressioin, Story Express progression
  • Crystalline Aura (probably expired during that period, not full 9 days, but some, not sure how much)
  • EVERYTHING Stronghold and gatherables related.
  • All Guild bloodstones on all alts (Also I just realized that my guild probably kicked me out for being inactive, true for all chars) :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Even assuming that I’m lazy and amd doing 1/2 of all my daily content, it is still a fair ammount of missed stuff, including some paid content in the form of the crystalline and Premium Ark Pass progression, I hope you’ll agree.

So, can you please advise if anything can be done about any for the abovementioned missed progression and if I have any options to help me reduce the hit? I think that I have have 0 chances to be Valtan ready in the first week of release anyway, but I still might want to try?



Hey everyone,

Welcome to our forums @LittleShanks, always good to see new faces.
Sorry to hear you have this login issues as well.
I have no reports on compensations in accounts due to this. Will ask and get the info though.
Theres a thread by Phreakey, might want to check it out since it gives a plausible explanation.

Thanks for the info @bxvi.

@d1ab0lyc I have no official info on this… Like sorry, I wish I could tell. I mean, can’t recommend to use it, but maybe read the post by phreaky and maybe test it?

Also, so sorry to hear this. I have no info on compensation on accounts, will ask and get back to you guys.

Hope you have a great one.
Happy gaming.


I mean, I doubt that here is a standard procedure for this, at is it obviously a new situation, but you should be able to help make the case that I’m not being unreasonable here? Just let me know if I’m overlooking any aspect of past events here. None of this is through any fault of my own…


Hey @d1ab0lyc,

Yeah, happily. As long as we are clear I cant make promises will gladly help all I can.


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@d1ab0lyc I agree completely, as someone who is in the same boat …But come on, do you really think we’ll get compensation ? Do you really think we’ll be able to PLAY AT ALL ?
Must be nice to have some hope left :smiley:

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So i’ve gathered some data you might be interested in. Most of it been told many times but just to summurize:

  1. Using you ISPs connection without VPN from amazon’s provided region causes error 10100 (in some cases, depending on your ip).
  2. Using mobile hotspot works.
  3. Using your neighbor’s wifi (from different ISP) works.
  4. Using VPN (mostly paid ones) works.
  5. Using (pretty much the same as VPN) works.

If you want to procced to the game you can use variants 2/3/4/5 (2 or 3 is preferable because you’re not breaking that sweet ToS).

You DON’T NEED to use that type of connection all the time, just until game loads and when you start seeing company logos (Smilegate, Amazon, Tripod) you can switch to your ISP connection and proceed to the game.

Me, for the past 9 days:

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Hey @Relish

Thanks for the info :ok_hand:

Don’t lose hope @Kentrill :slightly_smiling_face:

@d1ab0lyc lol


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The sad thing is, nothing of this works for me, cause it seems like I have a „real“ ban. But like said before, there is just a „standard“ answer when I send a appeal out …

Looks like you’re having completely different issue.

i actually still get the 10010 error when using mobile hotspot, which is weird.

This worked for most people, looks like you’re double unlucky. Or your home ISP is the same as your mobile provider.


Can you confirm if what happened to my account is because of a bug?

Hey @bxvi yeah, not a bug. Did you get the email confirming your ban? It should name the policy it was based on.