Support main Artist revolution

Players with many supports class like myself (4pala 2 bard) that want Artist release should proteste saying “they won’t help for brelshaza until Artist release” on group finder or petition website



I mean artist has been speculated to be released in March pretty much ever since they announced the 2 month cadence. Its not like it was’t already figured to be released around the time. The 2mo cadence was only to be thru 2022 per the posts AND we even got summoner early therefor artist would of normally have been roughly 2.5months after summoner if summoner came out at her correct time instead of early.

As a support main myself (3bards + 1 pally), im fine with the release date.

just adding some salt:

So, if I’m understanding it correctly, NA/EU region will be the only one whitout witcher skin for the Artist.


Yeah honestly this is what is pissing me off.

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