Support mains are also players and we want to progress our character just as much as everyone else

So tired of seeing dehumanizing arguments like “support don’t need this”, “support don’t need that”. You guys do know KR cleared Valtan on release with 3x2 right? Just because DPS are gatekept more on their gear (because there are more of you), doesn’t mean us support mains are wh*res who park at the minimal ilvl, using minimal engraving and gems and sell everything else we earn for money.
We are playing an MMO game, not a stock market. We also want to see our character grow day by day, get stronger day by day. I do think DPS gear are more expensive but please STFU with the dehumanizing arguments against supports.

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What a shitty bait topic.

I’m a paladin main and I’ll tell you Paladin doesn’t need anything beyond 333. You know why? Not because it’s not needed, but because nothing makes a difference.

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And you don’t need to be 1490 yet people do it anyway.
When did I mention anything about “needing to progress”? This entire post is about “WANTING to progress”.

So is calling DPS players DPS also dehumanizing DPS?

Stop being a drama queen OP.

You get into groups easy, your gear is not expensive, and you can progress your char at least as fast as any other. You simply have the luxury not to, and still invited to content.

You can do whatever you want, why are you angry on a forum about that.

And you don’t need to be 1490 yet people do it anyway.

Whales do it.
F2P players will get there when 1490 content is released.

Because people bring that shit up every single time there is a pricing argument when it’s not the point?
DPS gears are cheaper because literally every DPS use Grudge, Cursed Doll and half of them use Keen Blunt. Simple as.

Just because you want to park as a f2p doesn’t mean other f2p want to park their character.
You want to remove the enjoyment of seeing progression in the game, others don’t. So don’t label anyone with higher ilvl as a whale.

Where did you get this info from ? I only saw kr streamers say 3x3 is minimum requierment for valtan.

Yes, but I am trying to understand why you care about that. If you think people are missing the point about wanting to progress your char in a mmo, well, why even make a post about it. What is the end goal?

You think all DPS players suddenly get an eureka moment, and suddenly everyone will understand each other?

Just dont care about opinions that are obviously wrong.

Groups are begging for a support and and will wait over an hour just to find ONE. They would be more than willing to take a sub-optimal support just for heals/shields. Your requirements to enter parties are surely lower than if a dps were to apply.

The price differences in gear is just pros and cons of playing dps vs support. No one is “dehumanizing” you lol.

I’m a support main telling other supports to stop throwing their gold away unnecessarily.

I didn’t realize giving people finance advice was considered dehumanizing,

Even though this is 2/10 trolling at best, I’m bored so I’ll entertaing your gimmick.

What makes you think I’m parking? I hit 1445 three days before Valtan, now I’m 1452, halfway to 1460 needed to Vykas. Then I’ll push 1475 etc.

Honestly, what happened to good trolls? You people are horrible.

On the same streamer you are watching. :slight_smile:
It is the minimum requirement when they have run it enough and know that is the requirement.

Also why would korea clear it with 2x3 when they had a very very long time inbetween agros and valtan release ?

Cool and our style of playing also applies to every other players, DPS and supports alike, you do understand that right?

I accept your defeat.

I’m talking about the argument of some people in pricing discussion, not your “financial advice”.

And what is stopping you from creating a lobby yourself? You already know that DPS at 1445 3x3 is enough to clear valtan right? Just get 7 same players.