Support Paladin playstyle/rotation?

Spun up a paladin and after a few guardian raids, it feels a bit spammy. Is there a general rotation, or priority for skills etc? Other than just hitting whats off cooldown?

It’s dangerous to go alone
Take this

That guide says Holy Sword is a ranged skill… am I missing something here?

If the sword doesn’t hit a mob then the skill miss and don’t trigger the big attack part

The Tripod, Outburst of Light, makes it so you don’t have to land the melee attack.

Thank you I will read that tripod again… I totlly missed it

The best advice I can give regarding the pally class is to watch some of Fox’s videos. I’m not saying you should mimic his builds, or take his word as gospel, but his analysis and vast experience with the class makes his thoughts worth listening to, at the very least as a launching point for your own theory crafting. His YouTube name is Hi_I’m_Fox and he has a discord where he regularly hangs out and answers questions.

What the most important part is for me, are the engravings.
Awakening 3 !
Blessed Aura

with Awakening on 3, you gain so much! Awakening skill goes up to 6 uses with 2m cooldown.
this is where the build really shines, as you can just outshield some big AOE skills, that people are to stupid to dodge.

there used to be a saying “i can’t outheal stupid” but the awakening skill is the closest wie get to it.

what i like to do is open up with awakening skill, to get the full benefit out of the lowerd cooldown.
this charges up holy aura completly, and you can pop it once the shield runs out.

Dmg Buff from Wrath of God and Heavenly Blessing do not stack!
so those 2 are the important part of the rotation.
and always keep the debuff on the boss with Light Shock.

My Rotation example:

  • Open with Awakening skill
  • when shield runs out pop Heavenly Blessing for dmg reduciton and dmg buff
  • pop Holy Aura
  • When Heavenly Blessing runs out pop Wrath of God and Shield skill Holy Protection
  • ALWAYS keep the debuff from Light Shock on the boss
  • run Light Shock with the rune that has a chance to reduce all other cooldowns (forgot name)

i also run Holy Land with the dmg reduction buff when you are inside the AOE, and cast it close to the boss for melee dps. whenever ready.

and i can’t stress this enough, Dmg Buff from Wrath of God and Heavenly Blessing do not stack !