Support problem, coming from a support

Hello all, so basically I have 6 paladins at t3, different gearscores, roster 130. Cleared argos and all the content so many times, I rarely get hit. I would like to bring up the topic of how people are saying “releasing x support class won’t help support numbers”. I completely disagree with this idea, if paladin didn’t exist in the manner that it does in Lost Ark, or at all, I would not be playing support, EVEN THOUGH I always play support roles in any other mmo type game. The archetype of the support class matters quite a bit to me, and I am sure it matters to others. For example, if you played ff14, scholar was quite a unique healing class imo, using different summons to assist in their role. Another idea is an engineer type support, where they can place turrets to make enemies take increases dmg on hit from them, they can maybe have a drone that heals allies near it in a short range, requiring micro management of the drone to heal. Or a class that heals by shooting others with a healing gun? One that heals by hitting other’s with their fist, somewhat like a monk? I genuinely think more people would be playing support if there was more appealing options. Currently, to me, the options are melee support or ranged support, with slightly different strengths and weaknesses. The main difference is they look different. Just wanted to vent some of my ideas and a little frustration with these ideas. Obviously this won’t magically make support popular, but I definitely believe it will make it twice as easy to get supports in party finder. Not that I have that concern, but yeah.


Except existing classes already cover the support archetypes this game has to offer. A tanky melee and a squishy mage. You can argue all you want but fundamentally they all bring the same benefits to the table. Damage buffs, mitigation, mana regeneration and health sustain. Artist in its essence is just a more modern, worse Bard.

Besides, you ffxiv comparison is lacking in many ways and does not compare to LA in the slightest.

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I get what you are saying, that at it’s core, the support role, gameplay wise, is already covered with existing classes. All I am saying is some people don’t like how it feels to play or how it looks is my point. Not everyone likes the aesthetic of paladin and bard, or how there abilities feel to use.

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in short, they need to remove damage nerfs from support classes and actually let them see decent numbers instead of having to spec into “damage” and see mediocre numbers while not being able to help the group AT ALL

you want more supports, incentivize it

it’s really that simple

“waaahhh you will make the game too easy, there will be 4 supports every party!!”

no. i guarantee you there won’t be. and also it’s pretty easy to prevent 4 supports from being a thing. off the top of my head hitting a mob with a support debuffs it so only that support can gain meter off it

i mean, this isn’t rocket surgery

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Supporting endgame isnt focused around healing, because players become better at mechanics and dodging things properly. Supporting is basically compromised of damage reduction, damage buff uptime, mana regen. I wouldnt really compare supporting in this game anything near FF14 supports.

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I mean just because objectively they arent doing decent damage doesnt mean theyre less valuable. 3 DPS+ Support will always do more damage than 4 dps. Look at KR ranking on classes being played. Supports are some of the highest in classes played. Almost everyone endgame in KR has a support or two in their roster.

it’s not about party damage, it’s about making the game fun to play

i know you’re thinking “you should just be happy, your PARTY is doing more damage” but you can see from the lack of supports, that mentality doesn’t fly

trust me, i know what i’m talking about. there were a lot more tanks made and more tanks were playing the game the second WoW switched to “damage tanking” instead of threat buffs

I really dont see a lack of supports though. Ive been able to pug argos and abyss dungeon with supports in it every time. What turns people off of support is people price gouging support accessories, making it one of the more expensive classes.


People who say that releasing more support classes won’t help support numbers are just braindead and there is no point in arguing with them.


My 5th alt is a 1340 Paladin. They’re just boring to play as support.
Don’t get knocked down. That’s about it. Otherwise it’s just brain off.

DPS Paladin on the other hand feels full of righteous smite maneuvering and is quite fun.
Real shame they couldn’t actually hybrid those. Ya know. Like an actual Paladin.

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This doesn’t reinforce your position, it only reinforced the argument that support players play support.

Irrelevant, useless information.

So you want Artist because you want the class. Your bias fully drives your mindset and has nothing to do with fixing the support problem.

If you take the support percentages before Artist came out and the support percentages after Artist came out. They are virtually the same. Some bards went to Artist. That’s about it.

That’s an interesting story to mention in hindsight. I enjoy my paladin main much more than my bard but if paladin didn’t exist I would be playing the bard for sure.

This is the real reason why people play supports. Adding a Rorschach Master to the game isn’t going to change this.

So you say that more people would play support if more support options were available?

I say no. Support has a playstyle. MAYBE the playstyle could be more appealing to a player, but “Support” has a mostly-strict adherence to how it plays. People don’t like this playstyle no matter what is doing the healing or buffing. People like to deal damage, simply put.

It wouldn’t.

It also wouldn’t.

The only thing it would change would be how many Paladins are in your roster :joy:

The only people saying this are those who don’t play support. It’s the dumbest argument, because what if the same was said for DPS classes? It’s such a poor argument that I’d say you’re making it up if I didn’t see them myself.

Them deciding to hold back Artist and only release 1 class a month is such a poor decision. Honing on my current main (who would be an alt if Artist were out) at 1400 is becoming such a pain, and it’s getting to the point where I don’t think it’s worth it.

60 GHL for 3 hones that are most likely gonna (and did) fail is one thing when it’s your main, and another when you know you’re going to change mains.

See, look at this person who has no idea what they’re talking about because they don’t actually play supports.

Crimnor, go look at the DPS archtypes and make the same argument. You’ll name all the nuances, but guess what? It’s the same for supports.

It honestly baffles my mind that people think such an argument is worth anything.

You are 100% misunderstanding his argument. He’s saying HE plays paladins, just like someone else might only prefer artist.

  1. Where did you get this information?
  2. Alts exist.
  3. DPS also get released.
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I won’t play support until artist release because bard and paladin are insane boring and nothing new to the mmo genre. So until then I will stick to my 6 dps character

because support are way too greedy obviously. It’s good thing they their greed between themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Both are melee. Bard has even shorter shield range than Paladin.

@KyrosQuickfist I disagree with you and I agree with OP.

I am a pure dps player - but I, like OP mentioned, care a lot about how a class looks, plays and feels. And I would consider supporting if I found one that felt right to me.

OPs idea of a healing drone sounds amazing, kind of like the scouter, micromanaging the drone(s) position to heal nearby allies or the turret one to debuff an enemy, sounds like fun support classes to me, that I’d at least consider.

Translation: I want artist because it has the least chance of releasing right away.

This was released in 2022. There are classes we haven’t gotten from KR Lost Ark that were released in 2018. KR had ONE support for a LONG TIME.

I thought Paladin and Bard were both part of the original launch or am I missing something?

Lost Ark was Bard only for a very long time until the final part of T2 (Feiton) was released.

The only reason I got my Paladin early from AGS was because…I kid you not…gender equality.

Pretty bad translation… you should probably stop trying to do that.

I would consider the options I mentioned in the bottom of my post, but I will not be playing artist.