Support request quietly removed/moved to feedback?! WHY?!

Why was my request for SUPPORT moved to the feedback forum?!

I am not looking to give feedback, I am looking to have the problem that I’ve been dealing with for days solved.

Can y’all please stop doing stuff that no one asked for and address the issues at hand?
Or at the very least, not silently move my post around but give me some feedback prior to doing so? Or is this just a shady attempt at hoping problems go away?!

I’m not even going to comment on the irony of support moving a post entitled “support nightmares”.


Link to my original post - Twitch drops & support nightmares

Hello welcome to our forums! :tanabata_tree:

We are really sorry to read about the issue and the experience in Lost Ark with the drops not being able to show on the Region you want.

I do understand this inconvenience, as I did the same thing as a Lost Ark player by creating multiple characters on different servers ( 4 in total, on 2 different regions ) and got all the rewards and drops on a server I don’t use, and not being able to use them later on other servers.

For this reason, I recommend that you send your feedback in the Game Feedback section of the forum and in the following link:

Also i found more details on this post as a reference if you want to see more updates on the future for this topic:

The reason why maybe the other post was moved into Game Feedback was because this is a known issue among some players and we don’t have a way to move the items over servers.
I know this is frustrating as i mentioned i’m dealing with the same issue, waiting for a future update from Smilegate to have more options and features added into the game soon.

Thank you very much to bring this topic as well on the forum and i apologize for the inconvenience you had with this.

We appreciate your comments, they are always welcome.
I hope this helps and make you feel more informed about this situation!


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Apologies for the experience, it seems there is a communication issue when you tried to explain the issue, you should be able to redeem them on any server if you have them on your Product Inventory.

Best course of action is to reach us via chat, we don’t handle these cases via forum as we need access to personal information from your account. We’d need to confirm the items are reflected from our end and escalate it with the devs. You can reach us via chat, explain your concern as detailed as possible (juts in case get a couple of ingame screenshots).

You can reach us from here: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Best of lucks. have a great day.