Support says we can trade GOLDS between ROSTERS

They have said in the past having two accounts/rosters is not allowed.

just be care amazon is like a monkey with a grenade so they just can ban you and tell your actions was against tos even if in tos nothing about that :joy:

Be careful. People don’t like facts around here.

I really would like to know the answer of this topic. I hope a CM can come by soon.

This is allowed since it is your own gold anyway. Either you snipe your own items thru the ah or just convert them to blue crystals

Now.i can’t wait for the reactions.of.the casual.andies aka crabs when they learn that we can earn mo re gold than them. If you have 4 rosters you have 4 una weekly. You can also have more than 6 characters who can give you weeklt abyssal gold

We are doing it and you can’t do anything about it cause it is allowed

That’s what i thought too and re read it from a launch post and yeah they did say that

yea u will tell this coolstory in ban appeal

You are misunderstanding roster from accounts 1 account can have multiple rosters depending on how many servers there are in your region. So it is 100 percent legal

In short

Account - steam account
Roster- your characters in one server
Multiple roster-multiple characters in different servers

There is no such thing in the tos saying you cannot have characters in multiple servers

I believe they mean Roster as in your account as well since technically your only supposed to be playing on one server total i thought

i like how CMs dont reply in this thread even if people taged them :clown_face:

The only way for a f2p to try all classes without buying character slots is thru playing in multiple servers. They also get 100 percent gold generation from that method. Casual andies will rage now

It’s not fair for whales to be higher item level than me. They shouldn’t be allowed to by buying royal crystals then converting it to gold. Ok I know I will call all whales rmters

It’s not fair for hardcore players to be higher item level than me. They shouldn’t be allowed to put in more time and effort by making multiple rosters to get more gold. Ok I know I will all call them rmters because they are buying their own items thru the ah for unreasonable.prices.

-casual Andy with crab mentality

There is nowhere in the ToS where it is mentioned or hinted at that you cannot play on multiple servers on the same account, nor does the ToS say anything about buying or selling items to yourself at an over or underpriced amount through the auction house.

The only word from AGS that says otherwise are CM statements that they have never backed up with anything, nor have they even revisited the subject as their “not allowed” argument holds no ground. There is no reason to not do this and no reason that you can be banned for it.

The closest thing in the ToS would be the line that includes “[…]not use any system in the game for unintended purposes[…]”. However, the purpose of the auction house is quite specifically to trade gold by method of selling/buying items.

It will be really usefull to know if it’s possible or not, hope we will get an answer soon!

Except this doesn’t break TOS in any way shape or form. The Auction House is intended for use of selling and buying items. Regardless of the price of said items, the action was taken to buy or sell an item. They cannot argue this. And this is why only a specific group of players who RMTd got banned, because they didn’t use auction house. I don’t think I’ve seen a single post about a player getting banned in any region for selling or buying an item regardless of the posted price.

You may play on as many servers as you want to under your 1 account but using the AH to transfer gold from rosters on other servers is not the intended use for the AH and is viewed by AGS as an exploit. While I doubt they have a means of enforcing this “currently” that is the official stance that has been provided to us here on the forums.

There is a section in the code of conduct that gives them broad authority to determine what constitutes fair play. This is a direct violation of that as using additional rosters in this way would allow you to completely bypass weekly lockouts.

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.

While they may not have the ability to enforce this currently I would never suggest to anyone on these forums that it is in any way a good idea to do something that has the potential to get them banned. They could add further detection methods for this further down the road.

For those that are just replying to this thread the official stance for this has already been linked but I will link it again for additional reference.

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Direct violation fo what?


I remember one post on forum i guess from roxx that this isnt allowed and is bannable…

In korea is allowed…

Why not allowed in nae is becouse you have 6 money making char. than you play another server with 6 money making characters…=you dont spend 10eur for buying slots and you send all gold from server b to server a. Simple

CM can awnser ?

3. Play fair
Do: play within the rules of the game.
Do not: exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.
Do not cheat, bot, hack, or use other software or services that give you an unfair advantage through, for example, unattended gameplay or game modifications.
Do not engage in real-money trading of in-game items and in-game currencies.
We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.

They have stated multiple times now that moving gold between servers/rosters using the AH is against the rules.

they already answered this.