Support understands my problem but wont fix it

Hello together,

after having multiple discussions with your support in live chat and via emails, which i started over a month ago, im now trying to solve the problem with a forum post.
Every support employee understood my problem till now, even though it took some time and they understood, that it wasnt my mistake but a server problem at the time. Even though the problem is clear, the issue was not solved and after a while i always got standardized replies.

Now to my issue:

On twitch i earned and redeemed every twitch drop of the event.
Ingame i claimed the first 3 twitch drops and it worked just fine.

At the time i tried to claim the 4th twitch drop though, the servers were really unstable.
And when i pressed the claim button for the Neugier Gold Mount ingame in the product inventory, the item just disappeared from the product inventory but wasnt moved into my inventory or mount-inventory. It was just gone.

Your coworkers from the support department checked my case already multiple times and the system says, i claimed the product AND it also says, that i dont own the mount, just like i told them.
The mount is not sellable or tradeable at all and also cant be dismantled or destroyed to my knowledge, so im not trying to use this to my advantage. Im just trying to get the mount i watched 4 hours of twitch for.

The most recent answer i got, after the support opened a ticket for me at the it-department, was this:

A standardized message for NEW WORLD, not even for Lost Ark.

Here are some further key informations:

  • character-name: Àrés
  • servername: Thirain
  • When was the time of the issue: around 11:30pm 02-15-20222 to 0:30am 02-16-2022

Could you please add the mount directly to my pet inventory or send it again via the product inventory?
I did nothing wrong, it was a serverside issue and i couldnt do anything about it.

Thank you

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Exact same problem and procedure I went through …
They won’t fix it !

I think its a bigger problem, than just not getting the Twitch Drop.
It could have also happened with an paid item from the Cash shop.

So its a big problem with the product inventory.

Just wanted to ask, if the issue was recognized. :slight_smile:

any news?

After some more live chatting with the amazon support, i was finally compensated for the mount. Thank you very much, the ticket is closed!