Supports dont exist in our version of the game so better release "Glaiver"

80% of playerbase is playing dps classes, lets release some more to make it 90%.
Release Artist for the betterment of the game as a whole ASAP.

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I don’t have a problem to find a support, there are plenty. Are there less supports than DPS? Yes but you also need far less supports compared to DPS.

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You want 1 support for every 3 dps. So the 80% dps is very good.


That would mean you’d want 75%, not 80%. =\

Hence why I wrote “very good” and not “perfect”

No artist, why even exist :pensive:

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In tier 3 theres like 30%-50% of playerbase out of that maybe 5% is supports and when glaiver is out that number will only decrease.

bringing artist isn’t going to change that, the west don’t play supports it happens in every game.

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Thats like saying buying fruits and vegetables isn’t going to make your family eat healthier because they’re used to eating junk food.
More people will play it if given the option and its a highly requested class next to glaiver and scouter so its bound to increase support players by a big margin.

Bard and Paladin are the only viable supports that exist.

They are the most played classes in KR, almost 50% of classes are either bard or paladin with an increased number for bard on account of bard being the female char.

Artists require changes, and are not as viable or wanted as bard or paladin. They are taken as DPS as their DPS is highly viable and even outperforms most DPS classes.

ill take another support any day. dps players can share engravings between dps chars. but supports can only share support engravings with another support so u end up with 2-4 bard alts

You are good at maths.

:frowning: my gunlancer does just as much support utility as any bard or paladin. I just am not keeping your health up. :frowning:

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95% of statistics are made up, everyone know that…
in all seriusness, any source for those numbers??? that looks like a extremely biased estimation…

dude what? artist dps is pretty bad, she is viable as support not as dps, she can be used as dps but she is worse than any real dps.

Master support made video for her in PvP ascpect. She said her support tool for PvP is terrible and it’s the worst from the three supports. Her heal skill is too small compare with Paladin and Bard. In PvP she find the only viable build to be the dps one. And people want artist because she is the newest champion out there and it looks fun from the videos.

There’s people like me who either aren’t that interested in Bard/Pally or only want to play one support and are waiting on Artist. But yeah, I can’t imagine it would cause this massive swing in the long term.

i am speaking strictly for pve not pvp.

But artists aren’t supports.

If artist isnt support then lost ark isnt a p2w game.