Supports dont exist in our version of the game so better release "Glaiver"

Damn I though artist was a support, my bad.

Because, if they release artist I will call the SJW squad to shut them down for adding loli girl

They are all playing pvp -
The amount of support players in pvp is staggering
I started taking screenshots every time I got double support - Worst game was 5 support 1 sorc
I figured the post would be too long so stopped around 50 screenshots

So we’re saying it’s not since Artist is a “Specialist” not a “Support”?

“Specialist” is the base class name, like Warrior who turns into a advanced class like Berserker, Paladin or Gunlancer.

And no, base class name of Bard isn’t “Support”.

Artist wouldn’t change anything. She is in a bad spot in KR, does nothing new (apart from the teleport which is janky) and Bard/Paladin do a better job already. She wouldn’t do better here with us.

KR gets a class balance patch soon-ish, so they might address things and manage to make some classes better. The way the NA/EU gets classes should be reflected on that, since you don’t want people to play a brand new class that might get changed in a month and get more people like you to put blame on AGS/SG for doing something.

Supports aren’t really mandatory for current content either.