Supports forgot how to play or what?

Legion raids and guardians as well full with support characters who dont know how to play.
What happened? Before the patch everytime supports were GODS, they countered, gave heal/dps buff in the perfect time, and everything was so fluid.

Supports hits the boss from back, try to deal damage, they dont counter, they have local heal despite this they run to side of the map to not get damage instead of dodge, etc.

Lack of support was 100x better than this situation!


Most ayayas are people’s first support. They had to wait a whole year, so they are stuck with a DD mindset. They need time to learn support. It’s AGS and SG fault, not the player.


lmao. it’s just that people are still learning the new class.

AGS/SG has nothing to do with it, so if they release an ew class in KR that’s a support it’s SG’s fault that people dont know how to play a new class?

What kind of argument is that.

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so as DPS you dont know your DMG windows annnd when you want to have your dmg buff?

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[quote=“Rexox, post:4, topic:519984”]
annnd when you want to have your dmg buff?
[/quote] There was nothing about DMG buff. It was about attacking from behind etc. Don’t come with other things that were never mentioned.

Class is 1 year old. People were waiting for it. So yeh its AGS/SG fault.

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You missed my point. Read again what i wrote.

Even if the class was released the same day KR got it, people would still suck at it before they learn it. Do yo uget it now ?

I got your point. But I still think it’s AGS/SG fault for not releasing all supports as fast as possible that we got a wave of brand-new supports who waited a whole year on their DD’s of it.


Really? They need to learn to press heal buff and shield?

We doin’ this now?


what else they want to learn? Press shield in the right direction or press x for heal bubble? If they attack from behind because they played DD before, maybe they should stay DD. A simple one, reflux mage maybe, so the rotation dont confuse the “new” supporters too much

This isn’t just artists.

It’s like the crazy things happening every day, and the news networks deciding which events are a big deal.

We see a trillion artists right now, but bards and paladins have been trolling for a straight year. Yes, I know there are good supports, but because people let us get away with the bare minimum, lack of MVP screen info, class knowledge, etc, most are complacent and think they’re doing what they’re supposed to because of lack of general feedback.

I’m still the only support I’ve run into getting radiant supporter every time, whether it’s the other one in the raid, or on my DPS toons. I know there are like 20 more of you out there somewhere…

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agree, blame AGS or SG for anything and everything, the players are all perfect creatures, nothin less.

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Ah yes, the fabled DMG windows. For most players and enemies I imagine that there are few and far between, because even if something happens to the boss it might not be predictable or it requires effort that will put their skills on CD.
Also, everyone except Artist is wasting their “uptime” if not using their identity while it is full. Artist can squirt her ball and still have 2 for damage buff, but everyone else is both not healing nor gaining identity. It might work in coordinated static, but with PUGs I just use it ASAP unless there is a mech coming up.
Most of the work is done by Yearning and basic skills DMG buff/brand anyway.

Conversely, if you can’t do your damage unless boss is touching grass for 10 seconds then maybe you are bad.

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Funny i never run into this problem.

Then again i dont need a support to babysit me. If you do thats totally your own problem as supports arent designed for just healing.

Nobody talked about that support’s task only give healing, i talked about that how to play support.
Keep the uptime with damage buffs or give the biggest damage in the correct time, dont go to boss’s back while you’r party is full with back attackers because you know that in some guardian raid the countering is really important and you should do it if others can not, or give the ultimate shield skill when it’s really need and in this way you will save extra damage time to your party members, etc.

Really big the difference between a good and bad support and hell to play with a bad support, because you can not decide instantly that it was only a mistake or he dont know how to play it correctly.

Yeah this is true. I am trying since yesterday with my “fun to play” sorc and only legendary equipment 1415 Valtan normal (ok pretty squishy).

I cannot finish, cause none knows the mechs, including playing their class.

Its not only the Artists who fuck up, I mean the DPS who only give damage buff - lol - or other stuff none knows, but also like 1460 classes made by Punika pass and express event.

These are fking learning parties, but not descripted as learning parties.

And its also like this in Vykas normal. Thank god, there are bards still accepted and it seems still normal, like support shortage, but its unbearable as bard to heal like hell when long range players like sorc and gunslinger do not know how to play with bard (also after telling them to stay close).

If you dont know the mechs, IT IS CLOSE TO THE BARD to get wind of music to have almost 100% of the time shields in exchange with guardian tune!!!
…wherever the bard is, usually close to the boss, to fill meters.

Where do these people come from? WTF.

And with my 1415 sorc, I wasted potions over potions over potions, caus no fking Artist shields in the right moment or put healing orbs on the florr, only upon request? Whats this???

Btw its not only Artists who do wrong stuff, also bards.

I DONT NEED SHIELDS in first phase of G2 when breaking the armor. Wind of music is enough and dashing out of it is enough. Save Guardian tune for the green Spears afterwards!!!

As Bard you are babysitter. You are watching your babies. If you dont wanna do this DPS. Dont play Artist as support!!!

When people die on deskaluda and you outdps 2 of the dps as your artist with the express gear there really is no excuse anymore.

Its literaly babysiting dps at that point.

damage windows? lmao just spam buttons, this isnt a pvp game you are not playing for a world ranking, no one cares if you do 5% more damage to a NPC


His points are the basics of support like standing position , drop heal/damage buff and counter ( or at least trying to ). Counter can be said to be a new class new skill so they are not used to it but positioning and drop heal/dmg buff is not new to anyone that played support before.
But unless it lead to a wipe its not a big deal , let people learn it gradually

those support probably players never play Support class since game launched