Supports have genuinely ruined pvp for me

Title says it all. It’s not fun facing pally or bard every game. It’s not fun how unfair this feels and everyone from bronze to GM has been saying it. Smilegate has given the tiniest nerfs to DR which will change nothing. This has shown me that pvp is literally a side activity at best in this game and will never actually be taken into serious consideration in terms of balance.

Royal roaders showed what a joke the games pvp balance is, further proving with evidence what literally every player has been saying about support for a long time. You que’d up vs two sup and you have none? you lose. Let’s stop pretending this isn’t true.

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What class are you playing and what is your bracket?

Are you playing with your team or going all lone wolf?

My experience is with Bard but Paladin players have also stated that formation is still very important. Are you letting them form a triangle or are you attempting to break them up? Are you forcing them to engage you on the vertical or are you starting hit and run fights on the horizontal?

Also are you fine if supports get to do much more damage (say a 30%+ boost) or CC (10-15% reduction but more PvP damage attached) in trade for further nerfs to healing? Would that be fair?

overpowered specs dont need compensations.
nerf them to the point where support is a choice and not something mandatory, I have never scrimmed against a team without a support, there is a reason for that. they are broken.

They are not broken, when there are 2 paladin and bard in same team is trash

ah yes, supports are not overpowered because if you get 3 of them, its not ideal.
and even then its actually good to stack supports, the only reason support stacked team get rolled is due to them being really bad and not knowing how to work around eachothers cooldowns.
There is a reason why there is 1 support max rule on tournes, and its sure as shit not made because stacking supports is bad.

maybe try playing a support. 9/10 times i get focused from the start while my team runs about in a circle. The only time supports are good is if the team is actually playing as a team.


it’s not true, you’re just novice

We might be able to have this discussion again if it’s still a problem after people stop playing aggressive into, and immediately after, the enemy paladin or bard casts their awakening.

Just yesterday, one of my teammates jumped into all three opponents even though they had another health bar worth of shields.

I mean, sometimes it’s pretty obvious when you have to play defensively. Just wait 10 seconds for it to go away…

In a game where we can’t form teams or communicate via voice…like wtf is going on here??

I can see where you’re coming from as it can be very frustrating going against supps that can shield/etc. To be honest I think double sorc is honestly the most annoying/unfair comp to go against but in the reality of it even that can be beat even with a bad comp. You just have to approach from a different angle when you play, even little things like only full in when their supps shield abilities are on cd or not focusing the paladin/bard when their push immune haha.

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I many times wiped team with support while we had not have one, just need some tactic and everyone must know how to play against this comp, when to kite back. Is really hard to catch running player, try to avoid wasting skills when they have a shield, bard healin is not so good in arenas if we compared it to pve. I am Curious about GvG where your gear and engv make a difference how it will looks like will see.

i won a match against 3 paladins at 2k2+ ranked the other day , idk how we won but we did it.
it was a nightmare tho , shield apocalypse .

Bro don’t listen to all these dipshits that try to defend this garbage. I was diamond on friday, top 11 on my server, and I got double support on enemy team till I dropped to low plat. It’s impossible to win. They reduce a 30k spear to 1k damage.

People really haven’t seen Arti/Bard/Paladin in soloQ yet, absolutely disgusting.

Pala and Bard deserve nerf. My main is Pala and it’s broken i agree on that. But Arti is the weakest champion out there. I am curious how people after 3 months didin’t learn how to play vs him. His shield has pretty high cd, the moment he drop you can kill him. He is so slow and predictable. He has one stun which is easy to missplay. If the teams are equal i eat Arti for breakfast.

I absolutely hate facing bards. Makes the game so infuriatingly boring. Just run around dropping their slowing balls, stop any of my attacks on a whim…i literally want to log off when I see I’m facing them because its fucking terrible gameplay

They cant even fix the hitboxes on sorc abilities, what makes you think they will ever balance the pvp in this game? lol. Once I saw the zerker pvp nerf and DB go untouched I knew it was hopeless. The games pvp doesn’t bring in any revenue so they don’t care unfortunately. The leaderboards tell you what classes are overtuned but they cant even fix their glaring bot issue.