Sure not announce maintenance when I was awake

Getting really tired of you announcing patches in the middle of the night and missing some dailies because I planned otherwise. Now you are taking the servers down before reset and because you can’t post maintenances in advance I can’t plan. AWESOME


Ya cos the game revolves around you. Get over yourself kid.


Noone said it revolves around me. However they can’t post their announcements at a normal date for EU people


Same here, EU as always second rate people, because it is not possible to give 24h notice for a freaking maintenance. Sure I get, that this is a Hotfix, but a Hotfix does not need to take 4h Downtime… Getting real tired of this shit.


Next time we’ll ask Bezo’s to stop by in his rocket to give you a hand written notice.

They don’t care about EU. ;n;

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They probably just care more about staffing the server and dba admins around times they can complete the work without interfering with day to day and since they patch all servers within the region at the same time someone out there is gonna have to take the shaft.

Isn’t it 3am for EU right now?

i agree with OP, the announcement came out of blue, how difficult is to actually let people around the world know 24h in advance before doing this. I postponed my dailies on main to this morning as well. One thing is for sure, the pacing of AGS making me feel screwed over as EU player is unchanged from the moment this game lunched. i am really and i mean really getting tired of this…


its anoying… again on a saturday morning spontaneously


no it’s 9 am for the eu

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I thought it was like 9 am.


Bro imagine, I usually go on twitter and check updates but didn’t this time. I queue for two hours, finally go in and 30 secs for servers shut down lmao I ain’t even mad to be honest though I just laugh it out cause I’m the end it’s out of our control bro.

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Are you telling me this maintainence was that hard to predict? Is it really not a valid question why it’s announced so late?

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don’t worry guys …we get 30 feathers compensation maybe :smiley:


Just to be clear. I’m not annoyed about them patching the game. It’s nice we are a maintenance for this. I’m annoyed about them not saying anything until EU people are sleeping. Some have planned to do dailies in the morning since it’s not a tipical patch day, and when I at least came up I was suprised that I can’t do my daily because it was a sudden patch.

All I would like to have is them announcing maintenance in a time when I can see it.

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Who knows.

AGS just turns things off and on again, the hotfix and it’s requirements would have been developed in Korea and uploaded to the NA servers. AGS probably knew it was ready for release around the same time they announced it.

9am on Saturday really takes the cake…and then come the no lifers calling you ‘kid’ for daring to make plans to play in the morning instead of Friday evening. Mentally stunted ‘elitists’…

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Who knows doesn’t justify or argument you jeff bezos poor attempt at a mockery.

Piss off

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Right, saying a hotfix is required is defending the company.

If 4 hours downtime makes you this angry man, you probably needed the break anyway.