Sure not announce maintenance when I was awake

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Oh sorry, and not delivering a written notice to your door ahead of time is just an awful shame.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Cheers mate. Enjoy getting your laughs at others expense

At my expense too, I can’t log in either :stuck_out_tongue:

Was never about that but you just love jumping all over

didn’t they announce it like 2pm est??? that’s 13 hours

You want better forewarning about when a game is going into an emergency maintenance, I get it. I’d have liked that as well, but this is AGS were talking about here… Communication hasn’t really been what they are best known for.

Probably just be glad you didn’t get a 2 minute popup and servers going offline.

Like always Amazon announces maintenance 2am for Europe, it starts early morning and prevents you to finish your planned daily stuff in game before Daily Reset. Seriously they treat Europeans like 3rd category people who do not deserve to know ahead if AGS gonna shut down servers Saturday Morning. Great communication improvement I see.


peace out… give someone your gold at least

Then why are you playing devil’s advocate for them.

We all know that and this happens every time.
What is it you’re trying to achieve here. We know

I got lucky either way since I woke up earlier, but it doesn’t mean it’s fine just cause it’s amazon

The servers are down and the forums are filled with complaint threads about the servers being down, so what else is there to do to pass the time then to troll the complaint threads? :slight_smile:

All in fun man, I do agree EU gets the shaft way to much with AGS, happened in New World as well

YUP. Keep complaining mates, maybe they’ll change something, but probably not.
So I’d rather just stop playing the game for a while until we get more free shit, if they don’t want me to try to get to valtan by myself by fucking up my resets OVER AND OVER AGAIN (this is not the first time this shit happens) then I’ll just wait for a shitpass and that’s it, it’s gonna be the exact same thing in a few months anyway. A game not respecting my time is a game that will not get my time, simple as that. Enjoy the drops in concurrent player numbers (which won’t actually be noticed because of the new 100k’s of bots, nice game).
I haven’t seen them address all the complaints about the biased timing of announcement and patches, biased towards US and against EU… ALL the complaints are how they do it exactly after EU wakes up before the reset, in a saturday of all days, they can easily just move it after it, but they willingly choose every single time to fuck us, so enjoy the consequences.

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Doesn’t mean all complaints are unwarranted

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It would make more sense to start doing the maintenance at reset so people will have enough time to finish dailies and coordinate dispatch as this is when the game resets everything everyday.

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Of course. How dare you come from work on friday and say “i’ll sleep now and wake up to do stuff in the morning”? XD

I believe people have every right to be angry because they are frustrated. Angry because this is not a stand alone incident. It’s just adding to the piles of repetitive mistakes and big problems that the game has had since the beginning (despite that the foundation of this game is several years old).

You can excuse it many times but eventually there just isn’t any understanding anymore.


I have been angry with AGS about poor communication since September. It hasn’t changed much or improved across two different games. The fact that we got a 12 hour warning on this is honestly improvement.

Most EU players sleep during the night so all they experience is wakening up to a maintenance, which they never saw was announced prior



this is 7h ago from what i can tell, unless you have a different source

And I do agree it sucks, it’s poor communication and it’s been happening on far to many weekends. But if SG says shut it down for 4 hours, AGS shuts it down for 4 hours. Alerting the player base is unfortunately low on the priority checklist and AGS likely had about the same 7 hour warning as we got.