Surge bug with Deathblade

I encountered an issue where when I used the surge zero form with 20 stacks of surge enhancements effect, sometimes, the 3 orbs will not regenerate for me with either a warning of “Death Orbs too low” or “There are no resource”. Link is attached below, this happened not only in training ground but also all sort of contents including guardian raid, abyss and chaos dungeon.

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This probably a bug that occured if u have high connection latency. I play this game with 200ms+ (sad SEA player waiting for better server) and i got this bug too. And i found out something interesting, i saw in youtube where someone play at low latency (ping), the orb replenished just after the surge and it so fast. And we who play at 200ms+, the surge trigger will like delayed as our latency. In training room, if the deathorb is maxed and still cannot cast the surge it because the special recovery feature in training room was overlaped by the surge engraving, and back to latency bug, if u cast it too fast right after releasing the surge it will get zero orb but visually maxed orb by the special recovery feature.

I have the solution, just don’t cast the death orb immediately after releasing the surge, wait about 1 sec, even if the orb still not replenish visually it actually already replenished and you can cast the death orb, cuz it will take about 2 sec to the surge visually replenish the orb, but if u still insecure with the bug, just wait until the deathorb replenished visually.
For now i never get this issue in raid or chaos anymore. Just be patient a little bit to cast the death orb and u will good to go with the surge.

And i suggest you to build remaining energy at the late game (tier 2-3) with maxing specialization and some crit and swiftness. I did research and it’s the most popular deathblade build in KR and Rus. It may be a bit weaker dmg compared to surge with 15-20 stacks, but it has more efficiency, such as more spamming skill cuz u can cast max deathorb in no time and it will reset half of all skill cooldown frequently, more bursting single strike dmg rather than damage per second (which it need to build the surge stack), at remaining energy LV3 u will get almost same buff as surge mode even not in surge mode. And u dont need to worry about the surge bug, cuz specialization will do well for you.

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They developed it for 7 years for this. Unbelievable. Gonna try RE.

I didnt really get back to this topic because I wouldnt expect the dev to resolve this issue. I changed to RE when I reached tier 3 a long time ago. I soon acquired all the resources that were necessary for the build so RE wasnt really a problem. I really enjoy the orb regeneration of RE and its so much better because it can sustain the damage without worrying about maintaining the stacks. Thanks for the tips anyway, with the current patch note in KR I just wanna make a surge DB alt for fun.