Surge Deathblade is still borderline OP

Surge Gameplay:
Dash in - stack - Dash out - Dash in - stack - stack - Dash out - Dash in - stack - stack - 90 mill crit.

Remaining Energy Gameplay:
1337 piano mode 24/7 backattack uptime on the boss while dodging every pattern hitting every skill while doing mechanics burning through pots and if all party buffs align get the occasional 20mill crit from time to time.

Thanks for coming to my clown talk. :jack_o_lantern:

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you do realise RE has around a 10% diff compared to surge right surge is a bit weaker then it in terms of numbers not to mention surge relies on the crits actually proccing to do good dmg if your crit isnt high as hell your dmg is sub par.

RE dmg is also more consistant surge doesnt do much dmg when doing a rotation of skills it relies on the big surge hit if we mess up we are screwed while RE doesnt have to worry about that too much as you dont rely on one big hit landed to do your dmg

also im not hating on RE i just like surge more i play energy overflow soulfist so i know about pianoing a little


Yes db is still one of the strongest dps classes in the game and on of that you have one of the best synergies, so not just op dmg but op synergy too.

If a dps other than db has like 30% cruel on mvp screen then 6% of that belongs to db.


i really wonder why people who plays RE expects higher damage than surge? you know how punishing if a surge skill missed right? or even if it hits and not crit we have to reset from beginning, not to mention vykas who dance a lot, raid boss who loves to move around, in the end only a few surge player manage to out DPS a decent RE player sir,

you are the more ‘consistent’ damage, im the more ‘risky’ one
and yeah surge player also 24/7 back attack all the time, you will never saw a surge db infornt of raid boss spamming skill, both RE and surge are back attacker :rofl:

I don’t get why peope have the misconception of thinking that surge is harder to play than RE, especially when the game is focused around burst windows, where a surge blade is going to outperform RE with significantly less effort. And you only really have to back attack for your surge and blitz rush, RE is forced to back attack all her attacks.


If you’re new or bad surge looks and feels harder. Once you’re good or used to it enough it’s pretty easy.

If you’re new or bad RE looks easier. Once you’re somewhat good you start feeling like you don’t have damage. Because to match pace with others you can’t afford to miss a beat.

Classifying surge as a back attacker is amusing. Technically yeah. In practice maybe “light” back attacker would be more appropriate :joy:


Surge Deathblade = borderline boring gameplay.
But it is borderline OP for burst window raids like every legion raid so far, to push phases and skip random patterns.

Don’t know EVERYTHING about the fight yet? Just dash in, aoe stack, dash out, dash in, aoe stack, Surge 90 mill crit, gg.

:point_up_2: :point_up_2: This is one reason some burst class (surge, igniter, etc) deal more damage, with the players/groups that knows fight.

It’s funny how the perception about surge and re is the oposite of reality

In the mid of most ppl
Re is weker than surge but easier to play

When it’s the oposite re is stronger than surge ( cause of more stager more destruction and uptime on maelstrom)
But is way harder to play since you need a constant back attack uptime

RE is much harder, that is what is said.

Of course surge will say its theirs, thats the classic

RE isn’t necessarily easier to play. It’s just less punishing. Missing a surge really hurts so you have to know when to dump it. Nothing is worse than a boss phasing until your surge runs out. Except maybe surging then the boss phases or jumps out at the last second.

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I don’t get what everyone’s saying about “burst windows”. If you’re playing DB right, you’re always in a burst window. Staggers and some mechs just mean you get to stand still and faceroll instead of dodging.

wow so i can cast 90% of my skill on front & side of raid boss, only surge and blitz rush need to back attack, OMG i cant believe i played this wrong the whole time, thanks for the heads up RE players :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont know why all RE players thinks surge player only back atk when they surge? what drugs are you guys on? i play surge with as much back attack as i could though :face_exhaling:

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lol sounds like you are talking to surge DB in Trixion dummy, try surging in vykas gate 2, valtan gate 1, you need to have “massive” knowledge of their pattern before even dealing some significant damage, not many surge blade can do that, and it seems “OP” when an exceptional surge players do that

this one is special since the nature of surge is back loaded and vykas g2 can decide to stay in the air for 3 year but this is not somthing that can be changed with skill it’s purely rng

the reason im saying that surge is easier than db
is in the same time frame a surge blade has to hit like what a blits rush and a soul absorb and your surge

in the same time frame a re blade has to hit 2 to 3 time there blits rush soul absorb and surge
to deal the same damage
that way harder

tu put it simply landing surge is way easier but punishing
but having big uptime in re is way harder but a bit less punishing on a hit per hit basis

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my opinion with more than 1k hours of CLASS playtime (1445 RE alt and 1505 surge main): Both are easy if you know the class, Surge is more forgiving if you miss a skill because 2 stacks from soul absorber isnt a game changer when windcut is up every 5 secs and gives you 3 stacks. On the opposite if I miss soul absorber on my RE its getting harder to fill up 3 orbs and my rotation is stuck, gotta wait for cooldown in worst case.
I dont know why people say RE is stronger than surge, sorry guys but thats totally wrong. I’ve NEVER been outdamaged by RE, never!! Some weeks ago i had a 1515 RE in my lobby with 5x3 +25 weapon 100 quality lvl 9 gems, im 1505 5x3 with +21 weapon 95 quality lvl 10 surge gem rest 7, guess who got cruel fighter mvp in all 3 gates? Me. She got cruel fighter twice but never mvp. She was the highest and best build RE i’ve met so far in a raid but even that was not enough to outdamage me.
In Trixion, im blasting a rotation in 13 secs, 70m surge and 100m in total so 30m belong to my skills while stacking. Just soul absorber alone deals 10m each, so 20m when both hit, blitz rush 10m-15m. Dont underestimate the damage of the skills when playing surge, your attack power grows with every stack you collect, thats why hitting a blitz rush as last skill close to 20 stacks is so big. When im at 20 stacks i got 54k attack power.

But why do you guys make a war out of it? Cmon we all are deathblades, unite and be strong together instead of fighting which class engraving is better or harder to play.


Thanks for the detailed reply! :slight_smile:

You hear that my remaining energists?

Discussion is set.
And we got owned. :smiley: ^^

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Re is better than surge because dmg is not all

Re use more skill so more destruction and stager+ more uptime on maelstrom one of the most broken synergie in the game

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