Surge deathblade nerf

sooo im playing literally 12 hours daily and now he has huge nerf then all my time gold literally wasted because need to change to other class or build thats really annoying … complete garbage the huge nerf is okay a little nerf or something like that but this is expensive

oh no balance patch in mmo what are we gonna do?

also switching to RE x3 lv3 engraving cost around 6k gold if u’re unlucky with stones or buying 1/2 expensive acessory, if u’re telling me switching to re is expensive cause a meta guy can’t play broken build anymore is kinda a joke xD.

Unless u’re playing only broken classes/builds and doesn’t actually care about class/build u play than yeah it will cost u alot to switch class / build


then im literally farm every day every night to up 1415 with wasted 150€ and now huge nerf thats not about gold or something i spend so much time and gold to take build im not see the future and dont know this huge nerf is okay a little nerf but this holy shit why i mastered this char then ? weak class with huge dmg thats is a deathblade but now dmg is garbage need to stack x20 in end game bosses is not easy to hit surge is not funny because im lost literally 2 month in this char to nothing yeah yeah told me a cryer because is my fcking time lose

just stop beeing a meta whore and stay on surge if you like it, if you dont then its your problem lol.
even if you roll to the next broken op class it will get nerfed for sure anyway this is an MMO its bound to happen, play a class that you like how its played and not whats meta.
surge db is still fine you just need to do the mechanic of surge RIGHT now,the 12stack shit for insane dmg was just stupid and unintended,they redid the math,lowerd the dmg and now you have to play how it was supposed to play.

This is what happens when you choose your main based on popular big “deeps”. You really should’ve seen this coming.

is funny people told is my fault XDXDXD

It’s not just yours, but you have your fair share.

The culture surrounding the game doesn’t do anyone any favors either.

They sweetened the nerf of DB surge.

KR streamers already explained it more likely a 7-10% dmg loss overall in performance if you are a super good surge DB. And yeah a bad DB could loose more than 50%.

They made the class harder. Either you will be skilled enough to perform right away or you will take time and its not “dead”.

If its too hard you can swap to RE.

Also, take in consideration that if you stick to it your BiS items will considerably drop in price in AH and you can see it as a buff to get full BiS gear for cheap :slight_smile:

why did u pick up this class and build? cause it was op or this build gives u fun playing it? after nerf it isn’t said that build is dead but it performs on same lvl as a re so if u’re enjoying this build [ yeah u’ll have to get 20 stacks but it isn’t such a high issue lol] u can still play it.

If u played it because it’s op then cry and whine, it’s rather obvious that broken build will get nerf sooner or later also it was said by korean streamers that this build will get nerf no matter what ppl say , it’s better for u to get this nerf at current stage of progression rathar then on relic gear where u could’ve spend x times more gold lol.

i use all my resources to buy a perfect engravements and jewelry and reach 1415 with weapon +17 and gloves +14 spauldrons +16 and rest +12 literally to “free to play” so now i see all my dmg reduce expensive and im not create deathblade because is broken i take it because is like a my play style in others games and now im need to rebuild or change char or unnistal the game unlucky

Mmmh i think you dont see my point here.

If you are a super good surge DB even post patch you will be on par / equal damage with other dps classes (sorc igniter and zerk did get nerf dont forget it).

You really can keep playing it and get MVP. It wont be as easy as it was thats it.

Why do you need to change character? You can still complete all the content in the game as a Surge DB, you won’t just be farming Cruel Fighter every run. If you truly created the character because you love the playstyle then a reduction in damage shouldn’t bother you so much.

Play surge, when relic items are in our version you switch to RE, doesnt matter if you pay for Surge relic items or RE relic items.

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actually what all surge db players cry about is amount of stacks they have to gather for orb generating and cd’s reductions not decreased dps XDD

If u play surge db as u claim because u like this playstyle and if it’s true that u’ve spend so much time to , master it ‘’ and prepared ,proper’’ engravings it shouldn’t affect u that much , u will still be able to compete vs other players , build isn;t dead just adapt to the incoming changes , get lv3 surge if u don’t have but u should at this point and practice how to efficient collect 20 stacks , the build doesn’t provide such a high reward for a such a small risks [ 12-14 stacks rotation] anymore.

U took broken class to play with so u should’ve been prepared for nerfs and as i said it’s better to get them now rather than later. If u don’t like balance patches in multiplayer games especially mmo to buff/nerf certain builds/items etc. u should reconsider if u want to play these games.

You clearly don’t like that playstyle enough and want to whine about it …

why u think ? that i like play style but dont like i wasted all my time gold and some resources in useless surge because now is huge nerfed @vulkeserc yeah is normal players cry about 12 - 14 stacks is okay they want to use in x20 stacks is okay i can use in x20 but why huge dmg nerfed too im really dont understand nerf 12 - 14 stack if they want but why dmg in x20 nerf too ? yes im cry because i lose 2 MONTH 12 HOURS DAILY SOME GOLD TO JEWELRY AND SOME STUFF NEVER PUT AGAIN IM NOT LIKE THE CLASS BECAUSE IS NOT THE PROBLEM HERE

Tough surge DBs were way stronger then most class now you are average … cool bro deal with it

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because the game is balanced for later stages of the game , stages where korean actually are , no one cares about t1-t2 and early t3 , check the videos pre nerf surge db on koreans servers and u’ll see why it got these nerfs, and as i said u didn’t lose anything u still can play this build just u’ll have to actually compete against other classes , cruel dps won;t be given for free anymore to surge, also how much gold did u spend on these acessories? 1k? 2k? 5k? 10? how much and what engravings did u actually manage to get if u went for x4 lv3 engravings that means u’re just stupid or don’t know what to do with gold cause it isn’t worth to go x4 engraves right now especially for f2p players , but if u have x3 and spend like +10k than yeah u’re more dumb than i actually can imagine XD

  • if u’re playing for 12 hours per day and u don’t have gold for build changes/swaps it actually means U’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG xDDDD


only :clown_face: here is you i have gold because i playing some time still only have 13k gold but i wasted around 40k - 50k gold in all or maybe more

its not really popular lol

in korea 80% of player used RE

while only 20% use Surge

since surge while have big damage if u play really good, but it also has big downside if u miss your surge,

for average player RE do more damage compared to surge even before nerf

if player really good at surge though and play perfectly u deal like 20% more damage compared to RE

now on korea surge only deal like 5-10% damage more, IF u play PERFECTLY
a few miss and u deal alot less damage than RE

TLDR: there not even worth anymore to play surge, if even u play perfectly u do only 10% more damage maxed compared to RE,

while if u miss play a bit u will deal ALOT less damage compared to RE, as less as 30-40% less damage than RE

im myself build RE on my deathblade, from the start, and lucky dont need to switch my build

since i know this from very begining i wont be able to play surge with my 300 ping

since if u miss Surge skill u basicly lost all of 70% of your damage

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