Survival floors suck

Survival rooms are literally the only thing I enjoy about cube, I want more of them, not less

it is braindead as anything else, it just has an annoying one-shot mechanic not always being fair to you, that’s it.

In tower they have their place. Doing it for first time is the thing.

In cubes… they add nothing to already annoying minigame. And the most annoying part: just because of survival you have to run it in groups which has it’s own “challenges”. Boss rushes, chaoses and towers are better to be played solo.

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They can make survival floor in tower harder if they so desire but god why do they have to be 2.5 minutes each and theres like 25 of 50

3 in shadespire, 6 in fatespire (not counting 24 which is kinda its own thing)

Really? Damn it really felt like more, I never did tower on my alts so its been a while too.