Suspect bus buyer to do multi account/interserver account

Hi there so i’m a bus driver for Valtan/Argos/Oreha/Vikas, i have 5 alt around 1460-1435 and it came to my attention that some time i get some “azfazf” named buyers , i know that i should not judge a book by it’s cover, i was just wondering my self if i should take this “hjkfssa” named character while they do not move like bots i do think that they are alt from on other server, and i was wondering if what they did was legit and i should continue take this people or is it not and should i report them.
To résume is it allowed to take people that create alt on another server and transfert the gold on there main ?

Also bus driving is “getting paid to help player clear a content”

Hello there @RavenMarek, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

First of all thank you very much for reaching out about this and for explaining the term “bus driving”! :smiley:

You are able to provide any services such as the one you mention to any players as long as there is no real world currency trading in exchange for said services.

Let me know if that clarified your question! :slight_smile:


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Ty Very Much for the answer, also, if they don’t sell their gold those players are legit ? Is it allowed to create a character in another server and transfer the gold earned in this server, won’t this hurt the economy of the game ? (if you don’t have the anwser for that it’s ok)