Suspicion hack account gladiator

Hi everyone,
During a PVE session, I could see a player with the gladiator title (requires 10,000 victory in ordeal).
Being a great PVP farmer, I am relatively surprised by the prowess of the person and I decide to talk to him… In vain
I decide to inspect his profile and I realize to my great astonishment that he is “rank 19”…
Which is impossible given the time required to obtain the title.
I suspect cheating but maybe there is an explanation… If so, I’m waiting for your feedback
To your keyboard friends :slight_smile:

PS: screenshot made on June 16, 2022

That is the title you get, the equivalent of which in english is “Fearsome Gladiator”, from buying from the Shop the Destroyer’s release pack. Includes a set plus this title.
It actually demeans the title of “Gladiator” since it sounds more interesting and its obtained with gems.